SyncSketch - FREE - 8$ a month

It's been fun watching SyncSketch grow into a full media collaboration tool. This is a little story about how we started this whole journey ...

I use this tool in my classrooms and pay the basic 8$ a month myself.

Schools can buy at educational pricing.

Tool for Character Animation: Keyframe Pro - 79$

Keyframe Pro is a feature rich, high-performance playback and review tool designed for professionals and students working in games, TV, and film. Built from the ground up, and focusing on the expanded needs of animators in production, Keyframe Pro is a powerful addition to any animator’s toolkit. This has a nice interface that docks into maya and you can make it always on top to use as reference without having to make an image place in Maya to project your reference onto.

He has multi seat pricing too for schools.

bh_camZoom - FREE


This a tool used in production often when you are working with a plate to zoom into the shot without changing the camera.

Maya has a 2D pan Tool that I do not like as much as Brian's.  It's Free.

ShotMask VP2 - FREE

Shot mask enables you to burn shot info onto your playBlasts easily.

The recent update adds a custom Maya node that can leverage Maya’s Viewport 2.

ShotMask VP2 is the successor to the original shot labeling tool that was developed over 4 years ago. The script offers a more interactive approach to creating camera masks through it’s new user interface. The shot labeling tool also internalizes a simple python API that makes it possible to write custom scripts or automate the creation process as part of a larger pipeline.

Shot Mask VP2, as the name implies, is only meant to work with Maya’s ViewPort 2. The tool is written in Python, and comes with full source code provided so that you can extend or modify it as needed. Once again, Shot Mask VP2 is free, and is available for Maya 2015 and up.

Creating shot masks has never been easier in Maya.

bh_Ghost Onion Skin Tool for Maya - FREE

bhGhost is a very useful (and free) onion-skin tool for Maya animators.

It was created by Artist and animator Brian Horgan.

It's Free



bh_AnimProxy Tool For Maya - 5$

Great tool to work out simplified timing for bouncing balls in animation.
Now available! -  5$

Some progress on my 'bh_AnimSphere' tool, now called bh_AnimProxy since it can create cubes too.. I've added a GUI where you can choose sphere or cube, with scale and texture options and a delete button to revert to the character again.

One of my iAnimate students -  Brian Horgan is also a tools developer. He has written a few tools that can assist and help the animation process in Maya.

His Ghost Tool is a popular Maya add-on that can let users onion-skin poses.

This bh_AnimSphere or AnimProxy Tool is his latest.

The tool will allow you replace any controller selection in Maya with a primitive sphere. This helps you work out the basic timing and arcs first before getting into the details.

A click of a button will replace a controller with a sphere (or cube). Likewise, another click will toggle everything back again.

You can get AnimProxy here.

Riham Toulan’s New Space Switcher for Maya - 27$

Technical Animator at Dice AE in Stockholm, Riham Toulan has a new space switch tool available and it looks like it’s an elegant and easy tool for animators.

Character animation and space switching go hand-in-hand. Being able to switch spaces while maintaining an object’s position is crucial when a character needs to handle props, interact with the environment, or even other parts of the same character. Some space switching tools can be a UI and UX mess. This doesn’t seem to be the case with Toulan’s Space Switching Tool. It was designed to create a reliable space switching set up that also uses a selection based marking menu to switch between spaces. Of course, it can do this while keeping the position of the object intact.

The tool provides a very flexible design that would easily allow the user to edit, add, remove and bake created spaces. “I made this tool so it is both animator and riggers friendly,” Toulan says. “The UI is pretty interactive and the requirements for creating the setup are minimal. When adding a new space the tool guides the user by loading the previously made setup info to the tool.”

Space Switch Tool is $27 for a basic license or $150 for a commercial license.

Learn more about Space Switch Tool here.

Tool for Character Animation: Blue Pencil - 49$

Blue Pencil 2 is a robust and comprehensive Maya plug-in for 2D drawing, animation and review.

Providing a wide selection of drawing tools, layers, transformations, retiming, simplified sharing and more, Blue Pencil 2 is a powerful addition to the animator’s toolkit.

For more details visit


49$ and they have multi-seat pricing for schools.

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