F. A .Q.

I get questions through email about animation, working in animation, getting a job in animation, etc. on a daily basis. Below, I answer some of them.

  1. Believed in myself.
  2. Put in 10,000 hours. (Google it and you will understand)
  3. Stuck to my guns.
Only the best work. My reel is under 3 minutes and I have been animating for 20 years, you do the math 🙂
Absolutely. That is if you want to be more marketable.

I highly encourage all forms of exploration creatively for animators. Animation encompasses kinetics, anatomy, cinematography, design, and so much more. If you want to create believable performances with characters and creatures, acting classes are a MUST. I participated in a two-year program performing and studying improv and it was the most enriching and scariest thing I ever did. The studio I studied at in Hollywood is now closed, but I am sure there are plenty improv conservatories near where you live. Sign up!

  • Do good work and don’t create drama.
  • There are no shortcuts.
  • You get good only after volumes of work.
  • Then, people notice.

This depends on what you want. The online schools focus only on animation and get your where you need to be with your reel to get a job. But, are you thinking you want a more well-rounded education? Are you sure animation is for you? Going to college will expose you to much more and more critical creative thinking.

Oh god no. I hate that thing. What the dopesheet does to your curves in Maya!!! is completely unpredictable!!! What a joke tool!

Besides, I plan with pencil and paper, then reference video, then draw overs in photoshop, then maybe a few thumbs and gestures, then possibly a pass at some poses with the rig in Maya.

Not if you want to be an animator. If you want to be a rigger or create your own films and not work in production, then that is another story.
Yes, especially if you plan on doing creature work.

Long hours sitting in the dark in front of a screen concentrating. Oh, and lots of men doing the same.

It’s not enough to just make stuff move around. You have to make me believe it is a living, breathing, thinking character. Even if the character is a dot on the screen.

  • Exploring all of the possibilities
  • Working outside my comfort zone
  • Avoiding the path of least resistance
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