Masterclass Big Bad Fox

Masterclass made at Walt Disney Toons Studio on the 20th of October 2017 by Benjamin Renner and Patrick Imbert

Elements of Art Direction

From the Interactive Media & Games Seminar Series; Lee Petty, Art Director and Project Lead at Double Fine Productions, discusses different elements of art direction and present a framework for analyzing and thinking about visual style. Lee also provides several examples of how these ideas can be applied to games to create compelling, memorable visuals.

The Jungle (Adult Swim | Off the Air : Paradise)

Short film about a vacation in virtual reality. Created for the Paradise episode of Off the Air.

The Episode was aired on Adult Swim for 5 nights in December 2017.

Animated + Directed by me
All sounds and music by Seamus Mallagh (AKA IGLOOGHOST)

Infinite thanks to:

Kristel Brinshot
Ghosting TV
Cody Dematteis
Seamus Mallagh

For all the help, and getting me involved!

Wacom Plume

A surreal and experimental arts piece combining woman and bird to tell a beautiful visual story within an imaginary world of intricate colour and detail.

See the full project here -
See the process film here -

Designed & directed by FutureDeluxe.
Art Direction & Lead CG Artist – Twistedpoly
Model/Movement Artist – Paleta
Audio – Resonate
3D Scanning – FBFX
Additional CG & FX – Thom Haig & Simon Fiedler
Character Rigging & Animation – Alex Bootz

360 Google Spotlight Story : Son of Jaguar

Apologies for being so behind on this posting. My good friend Jorge's - Son of A Jaguar - Google Spotlight Story!

Animated Movies Coming Out in 2018

 Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Volcano and T Rex Movies Coming Out in 2018: What to Watch in Animation

This post was nabbed from Animation Mentor: Great List!

2018 is here! For you that might mean resolutions and fresh starts, but most importantly it means getting super excited for all the awesome movies coming out this year. Luckily, we’ve got the next 12 months all planned out for you. Here’s what we’re looking forward to in animation in 2018!


Paddington 2
Director: Paul King
Studios: StudioCanal, et al.

We were so excited to see such a beloved classic successfully brought to the big screen in 2014, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for Paddington and the Browns next!


Peter Rabbit
Director: Will Gluck
Studios: 2.0 Entertainment, et al.

With voice work by Daisy Ridley and Domhnall Gleeson as Mr. McGregor we’ll try not to have flashbacks of Rey and General Hux in The Last Jedi while we’re watching Peter Rabbit.

Black Panther
Director: Ryan Coogler
Studios: Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Pictures

When Marvel’s The Black Panther appeared in an issue of The Fantastic Four in 1966, he was the first black superhero in mainstream American comics! What you may not know, is back in 1992, Wesley Snipes expressed his desire to make a movie—but it never came to fruition. In fact, there were talks of a Black Panther film and various levels of commitment or early development in 1992, 1997, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2013, with a whole slew of directors and actors interested at different times. Whew.

Finally by 2015, the film started to take shape and now we can’t wait to see it this February! Wikipedia actually has a great breakdown of the film’s journey here.

Early Man
Director: Nick Park
Studios: Aardman Animations and StudioCanal

We’re always looking forward to the next Nick Park film, and this one has little woolly mammoths! Also voice work by Arya Stark, Loki, Newt Scamander, and Maurice Moss. Awesome sauce.


Pacific Rim: Uprising
Director: Steven S. DeKnight
Studios: Double Dare You, et al.

Taking place 10 years after the first Pacific Rim, the Jaeger program is going strong as the most powerful global defense force in history. But the ocean is growing restless. Bring on the Kaiju! We’re ready. Also, John Boyega joins the cast!

Isle of Dogs
Director: Wes Anderson
Studios: American Empirical Pictures, Indian Paintbrush, et al.

Yesssssss. We’ve been waiting for Wes Anderson to get back into animation ever since the amazing Fantastic Mr. Fox in 2009! Of course, there’s an incredible ensemble voice cast of Anderson alumni as well.

Sherlock Gnomes
Director: John Stevenson
Studios: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Paramount Animation, et al.

From the director of Kung Fu Panda and original music by the incredible Elton John and Bernie Taupin—the gnomes are back!

A Wrinkle in Time
Director: Ava DuVernay
Studios: Walt Disney Pictures and Whitaker Entertainment

Now aren’t you proud of yourself for finishing that reading assignment back in 6th grade? A Wrinkle in Timewas a tough one for author Madeleine L’Engle to get published after she finished writing it in 1960, and part of her theory about that was that it “had a female protagonist in a science fiction book.” Luckily, we’re getting better at that, and the movie looks incredible! So excited to see the fearless Meg as well as Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who, and Mrs. Which in action.

Director: Albert Hughes
Studio: Studio 8

Alpha explores the very beginnings of “man’s best friend,” as a young caveman befriends a wolf during the last ice age in Europe. Hello, creature animation!


Director: Brad Peyton
Studios: New Line Cinema and Wrigley Pictures

The Rock…I mean Dwayne Johnson…has become pretty synonymous with fun and outrageous action movies. In Rampage he actually faces off against something taller than him. We can’t miss that.

The New Mutants
Director: Josh Boone
Studios: Marvel Entertainment and 20th Century Fox

With Logan in 2017, we started to see some of the incredible versatility that the X-Men franchise will have—and this year we get an X-Men horror film that is said to be inspired by Stephen King and John Hughes. Yes please.

Duck Duck Goose
Director: Christopher Jenkins
Studios: Original Force

From the director of Hercules and Surf’s Up comes a new movie with Jim Gaffigan and adorable little ducklings! Looking forward to laughing a lot.


Note: This is a fan’s sneak peek, not an official trailer!

Solo: A Star Wars Story
Director: Ron Howard
Studios: Lucasfilm, et al.

Do we even need to say it? Of COURSE we’re pumped to see where it all began for Han, Chewy, and Lando. And they just announced that John Williams will write the theme song!

Avengers: Infinity War
Director: Anthony Russo and Joe Russo
Studio: Marvel Studios

After the hilarity that was Thor: Ragnorak we’re really looking forward to the next Avengers movie! Bonus: Guardians of the Galaxy crossover!


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
Director: J.A. Bayona
Studios: Amblin Entertainment, et al.

Jeff Goldblum is back! Also we can’t wait to see if there are any new outrageous dinosaur species in this one. Kind of an indominus rex 2.0. We’re ready.

The Incredibles 2
Director: Brad Bird
Studios: Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures

You. have. powers!

Deadpool 2
Director: David Leitch
Studios: Donners’ Company, et al.

We’ve been waiting for this since about the first minute of the first Deadpool movie. It’s the year of X-Men!


Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation
Director: Genndy Tartakovsky
Studios: Colombia Pictures, et al.

This time, the crew goes on their own vacation on a luxury Monster Cruise Ship. Sounds like some fun shenanigans.

Ant-man and the Wasp
Director: Peyton Reed
Studio: Marvel Studios

Clearly Hope van Dyne had some fighting chops that her father wouldn’t fully let her exercise in the first Ant-Man, so we’re looking forward to seeing her kick even more ass in Ant-Man and the Wasp.


The Predator
Director: Shane Black
Studios: 20th Century Fox, et al.

There’s not a whole lot of information out there, yet, about The Predator but we’re still pretty excited for it! We do know that it takes place between Predator 2 (1990) and Predators (2010) and that the director will be Shane Black who played Hawkins in the original 1987 movie. He also directed Kiss Kiss Bang BangIron Man 3, and The Nice Guys.

The Meg Movies Coming Out in 2018: What to Watch in Animation

Statham vs. Shark

The Meg
Director: Jon Turteltaub
Studios: Apelles Entertainment, et al.

In the words of Jason Statham himself, “Who doesn’t want to watch a film about the biggest shark that’s ever existed?” Enough said.


Director: Karey Kirkpatrick and Jason Reisig
Studios: Warner Animation Group, et al.

We love the concept of yetis who aren’t sure that humans exist!


venom1 Movies Coming Out in 2018: What to Watch in Animation
Director: Ruben Fleischer
Studios: Colombia Pictures, et al.

While Venom will be yet another origin story, this will be an R-rated villain’s origin story, so we can expect some shake-ups. Oh, and Spider-man won’t be there. This is pure Venom. Here’s a quick rundown of what we know about the movie, which is currently filming.

Note: While the image is from the Venom of Spider-Man 3 here are some fun theories about what the new Venom might look like!

JungleBook Movies Coming Out in 2018: What to Watch in Animation
Director: Andy Serkis
Studios: Imaginarium Productions and Warner Bros.

While you were being blown away by The Jungle Book in 2016, did you know that another adaptation of the classic tale was also in the works? This one will mark Andy Serkis’s directorial debut and will star Rohan Chand with voices from Cate Blanchett, Christian Bale, and Benedict Cumberbatch. It will be fun to see another perspective!


Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2
Director: Phil Johnston and Rich Moore
Studios: Walt Disney Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures

It’s been six whole years since the first Wreck-It Ralph, and we’re ready for more! This time, Ralph and Vanellope have to travel “to the Internet” to save the game after the Sugar Rush arcade cabinet is broken.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald
Director: David Yates
Studios: Heyday Films and Warner Bros.

In 2016 we fell in love with all the fantastic beasts in Newt Scamander’s funny little suitcase (especially the Niffler!) We’re super intrigued by a Jude Law Albus Dumbledore and just all-around ready to see what happens next—and what new beasts we’ll get to meet!

the grinch poster social Movies Coming Out in 2018: What to Watch in Animation
Dr. Suess’ The Grinch
Directors: Peter Candeland, Yarrow Cheney, and Matthew O’Callaghan
Studios: Illumination Entertainment

While it can be difficult (and dangerous) to recreate such a classic, we’re looking forward to seeing the minds behind The Secret Life of Pets and Despicable Me retelling this holiday favorite. Bonus: Benedict Cumberbatch as the voice of the Grinch!

Dark Phoenix Movie Female Mutants Xmen Movies Coming Out in 2018: What to Watch in Animation
X-Men: Dark Phoenix
Studios: 20th Century Fox, et al.

We’re finally getting a Dark Phoenix story! Good thing we already got used to Sansa Stark as Jean Grey in the last one.

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms
Director: Lasse Hallström and Joe Johnston
Studios: The Mark Gordon Company and Walt Disney Pictures

This movie looks straight-up gorgeous—and a little dark. We love the idea of a Nutcracker story that explores more of the darker side of the classic tale. And did we mention it looks gorgeous?


Mary Poppins Returns
Director: Rob Marshall
Studios: Lucamar Productions, et al.

Hearing that Mary Poppins Returns is a sequel instead of a remake is kind of refreshing! Not that we have anything against remakes, we’re just excited to see a fresh new story—especially one featuring Emily Blunt and Lin Manuel Miranda!

Bumblebee Movies Coming Out in 2018: What to Watch in Animation
Director: Travis Knight
Studios: Allspark Pictures, et al.

This will be the first Transformers movie not directed by Michael Bay, which could make for some interesting new perspectives! This time, Kubo and the Two Strings director Travis Knight will give us a Bumblebee spin-off, as well as his live-action directorial debut.

Side Note: Be sure to check out our behind-the-scenes look at Kubo and the Two Strings!

AquamanUniform Movies Coming Out in 2018: What to Watch in Animation
Director: James Wan
Studios: DC Comics, DC Entertainment, and Warner Bros.

With director James Wan at the helm, this is sure to be a departure from the traditional superhero movie, and we’re pumped to see Khal Drogo back in action. Wan’s directorial credits include SawThe Conjuring, and Furious 7—we’re excited to see what he does with such a unique DC hero.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
Director: Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsey, and Rodney Rothman
Studios: Colombia Pictures, et al.

Wayne Unten Test for Weeds










Wayne Unten Shows his process to create the performance for a shot on the new animated short - Weeds directed by Kevin Hudson.













Coco Wins Best Animated Feature at the Golden Globes!

Coco won the top prize at last night’s 75th annual Golden Globes. The film scored two nominations: one for “Remember Me” in Best Original Song and Best Animated Feature.

Paul Thomas Anderson’s Reflective Silence

With PHANTOM THREAD hitting theaters Christmas Day, I thought now would be a good time to examine a less-discussed Paul Thomas Anderson technique. Though PTA made a name for himself with elaborate and technically complex filmmaking, one of his defining trademarks is a simple one--letting his camera linger on a silent character. While many filmmakers rely on dialogue to convey poignancy or gravity, PTA allows his lens to absorb a character's silence. They may be watching, they may be listening, or or they may be in utter shock, but the result is the same; we feel the moment. Here is a look at PTA's lingering and reflective silence.

Films used:

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use


The Wingfeather Saga Short Film

Based on the best-selling novels. For twelve-year-old Janner Igiby, life in Glipwood is anything but adventurous. His only escape is the stories he reads at Books and Crannies. Janner’s dream of adventure becomes a perilous reality when his sister, Leeli, stumbles into a Fang of Dang and his little brother, Kalmar, finds a mysterious map that may lead to the powerful Jewels of Anniera.

Thousands of Kickstarter backers helped us get this far. You can help us make the whole series by sharing this everywhere!

With the humor and heart of The Princess Bride and the epic scope of The Lord of the Rings, The Wingfeather Saga is the story of one family on the run from a terrible evil — and the making of a hero.

Produced in Nashville, TN with an innovative CG/2D paint textured technique that we can't wait to make more of!

Created by Andrew Peterson
Directed by: Tom Owens
Produced by: J. Chris Wall
Director of CGI/Animation Director: Keith Lango
Production Designer: Nicholas Kole
Score Produced by: Kurt Heinecke
Score Composed by: Kurt Heinecke with Isaac Horn, Lincoln Mick, Sarah Wood of The Arcadian Wild
Character Animation and CG Production by: Magnetic Dreams, Inc.

Blue Zoo’s “Lynx & Birds”

In a timely story about love triumphing over fear, this is a short festive animation that would rival any Christmas advert in the cuteness stakes!

Blue Zoo in its 6th year has created a company-wide shorts programme encouraging experimentation in the studio and a culture of creative collaboration. Everyone in the studio has the opportunity to pitch their idea, and everyone votes for their favourite, making it unique and democratic. This year Simone Giampaolo & Francesco Mazza won the vote and steered the studio together to make this short.

Production Company: Blue Zoo Animation Studio

Directed by: Francesco Mazza & Simone Giampaolo
Art Direction & Design: Francesco Mazza
Animation Direction: Simone Giampaolo
Music: Brollyman
Narration: Darren Altman

Lead Modeller: Pietro Licini
CG Supervisor: Gherardo Zurla
Modelling & Texturing: Pietro Licini, Mélanie Gras, Hannah Wong
Head of Look Dev: Negar Bagheri
Grooming & Look Dev: Arthur Tibbett, Hannah Wong
Rigging, simulation and FX: Anthony Delliste
Lead Animator: Simone Giampaolo
Animators: Jim Sweeting, Owen Fern, Zoé Risser
Lighting TDs: Hannah Wong, Gherardo Zurla, Steven White
Compositing: Hannah Wong, Elaine Thomas, Negar Bagheri, Gherardo Zurla
Additional Art: Izzy Burton
Pipeline Team: Jay Tsang, Phil Stewart

Producer: Tom Box
Production Managers: Lizzie Hicks, Negar Bagheri
Voice Effects: Alec Smith
Sound Design & Mix: John Sutherland
VO Sound Engineer: Dom Boucher @ The Sound Company

Special Thanks:
Brollyman and Matthew Slater, Adam Shaw, Damian Hook, Joe Kinch, Dane Winn, Sophie Rekasowski, Carole Baskin, Catherine Gallo, Jacques Gauthier, Fabrizia Spera, Alessandra Battaglia and all our families.

To help protect endangered big cats, please make sure to support:

Felidae Conservation Fun (
Big Cat Rescue (

The Postcard

2037. What a great year. It was the year when I travelled to Southeast Asia and I experienced things I will never forget. Luckily, postcards will be always there to remind us that the past, sometimes, is not so different from the future. Or is it?

Direction: Device
Art Direction: Device
Illustration: Device & Toni Sala
Animation: David Feliu, Device, Javi Vaquero, Juan Nadalino, Pere Hernández & Sebastian Garcia
Clean up: Rafael Andrade & Toni Sala
Original Idea: Device & Carlos Serra
Script: Carlos Serra
Script English Translation: Shaina Machlus.

Music y Sound Design: Device
Voice Over: Amanda Goldsmith

Special thanks:
BlackBox, Idea Sonora & Shaina Machlus

Visit us:
Follow us:

Mr. Carefree Butterfly

A carefree millennial helps his friend to move to the suburbs.

Music: Daniel Markovich

Sound Design: Florian Clamer

Actors: Caleb Fietsam, Ryan Masson, Henita Telo

Graduate Film From CalArts by Yonatan Tal


Background on the film:

The film started out as a little personal project between Andrew Lavery and Mathew Rees, with the original intention being to make a short 15-second gag. As is always the case though it grew just a little bit and even though it's still just a simple gag, we padded it out to 2 minutes. The story is based on real-life events that happened on Christmas Day in 1978.........not really.

The credit list is,

Directed by - Andrew Lavery, Mathew Rees

Character Designers - Adam Cootes, Andrew Lavery, Mathew Rees

Concept Art by - Adam Cootes, James Grant

Animation by - Mathew Rees

Modelling by - Andrew Lavery, Mathew Rees

Lighting, Texturing and Compositing by - Andrew Lavery

Rigging by - Mathew Rees, Dorota Sikorska

Foley by - Paul Ackerman

Sound Design by - Laura Izzard, Will Norie

Voices by - Noa Rees, Jac Rees, Mathew Rees

Executive Producer - Jess McKillop



by Oliver Abbott
Rendered with Pixar's Cancerous RenderMan®


Walking Christmas


Production, and Design: BUDA
Art Director: Dalmiro Buigues
Animation Director: Martin Dasnoy
Original Character design: Juan Molinet

song: “On my side” – Gordi

Merry Christmas from Nebula Studios

Director: Rafael Sousa
3D Animation/ Modeling: Rafael Sousa
Particles Animation: João Batista
2D Animation: Marco Boto
Sound Design: Ergonoise
Music: Richard Strauss, Also Sprach Zarathustra - Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Herbert von Karajan, Deutsche Grammophon (1959)


Lucas the Spider - It's Cold Outside

Lucas the Spider, a.k.a. the cutest animated spider you’ll ever see, is back. In a new short from Joshua Slice, Lucas is stuck outside on a frigid night. He looks in the window of a warm house and admires the fireplace, pointing out how he could warm all eight of his legs if he was allowed in. The animator, who works for Blue Sky Studios, originally posted the video on YouTube and shared it to his personal Facebook page.


BBC One Christmas 2017 | The Supporting Act

The making of the BBC One Christmas film

Inside BBC One’s Christmas 2017 Trail | Anatomy Of An Ad

BBC One’s thoroughly British Christmas trail for 2017 has not only impressed (most of) the nation in the festive spot stakes but also proven the creative prowess of the corporation’s in-house agency.

‘The Supporting Act’ tells the story of a young girl vying for her dad’s attention as she practises a dance routine in the lead-up to her school’s Christmas talent contest. He appears preoccupied with work throughout most of the film, however when a bout of stage fright gets the better of his daughter on the big day, he reveals he’s learnt the entire routine when he helps her recall the steps from the back of the hall.

Devised by BBC Creative, the two-minute trail’s truly human story and on-brand spirit of ‘oneness’ has seen it garner much praise from the public. The positive reception is no doubt a relief for the BBC, given that the in-house shop took up the festive mantle from Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R (now Y&R London).

Following the footsteps of the heritage creative shop wasn’t a task the trail’s creative team, led by Amar Marwaha and Arvid Härnqvist, took lightly.

“It was a chance to start afresh, a chance for BBC Creative to put a flag in the ground,” said Härnqvist. “The fact it’s done this well makes us proud to work for BBC Creative. It’s the first really big thing out of the blocks and it’s just the starting point of the journey that we’re on.”

Imaginary Friend Society Helps Sick Kids

Shorts created by various studios to help sick children deal with the struggles of overcoming their illness.


This is fantastic...  warning might not be safe to watch at work.


written and directed by Joschka Laukeninks

for more info visit
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produced by

written and directed by JOSCHKA LAUKENINKS
produced by TOBIAS WICHURA
cinematography by EIKE RIECHE
edited by VERA BERG
narrated by PHILIPP MOOG
production company THE MARMALADE FILMS

'BACKSTORY' was shot in Germany in 17 shooting days over a period of 1,5 years. It has been screened at more than 110 festivals worldwide and, so far, has won more than 30 international awards. Our love goes out to all the wonderful people who worked so hard on this film for such a long time! :-)

see the full crew list and more info at

here is some of the 33 AWARDS we have won

Sprite | #WannaSprite | Cranberry Animated - Ft. LeBron James and Vocals by DRAM

ANL - Aardman Nathan Love Does it again!

King James cools down a sweaty Christmas dinner at grandma’s house with ice cold cans of Sprite Cranberry while D.R.A.M. remixes an old classic. Breaking the week before Thanksgiving, “Thirstiest Time” was directed by Aardman Nathan Love’s Joe Burrascano and executive produced by Jon O’Hara. The spot was created by the New York office of Wieden + Kennedy for The Coca-Cola Company and produced by Aardman Nathan Love.

The Bloop Troop

Winner of Best Animated Short Film 24FPS International Animation Festival 2016
Nominated for Suzanne Awards Best Short 2016
Official Selection at International Motion Festival Cyprus 2016
Official Selection at Big Muddy Film Festival 2017
Official Selection at Beeston Film Festival 2017

A ruthless barbarian, a hair-splitting master archer and a knight in shining armor are brought together in the battlefield by a common enemy- a formidable fly. What ensues in this battle of epic proportions tests everyone’s skills and takes an age-old war that every human has wanted to win, to a whole new level.



Directed By : Ram Singh

Produced by : Vivek Singh Sidhu

Character Design : Kshiraj Telang, Ram Singh

Storyboard : Sonny Santos

Pre Production Design : Ram Singh

3D Layouts : Ankit Rawat

3D Previz : Rahul Gupta

Technical Lead : Sagar Karwa, Aarchish Jain

Rigging : Aarchish Jain

Animators : Rahul Gupta, Dishi Arora, Rajesh Gupta, Pinki Naskar

3D Modleing : Ankit Rawat

3D Texturing : Ankit Rawat, Anoop Ramdey

Lighting and 3D Visual Development : Sagar Karwa

Production Cordinator : Pooja Dogra

Sound And Music : Orange Byte Studios

Typography Design : Deepak Dogra

IT Support : Pradeep Dabas

Public Relations : Agnishekhar Chakraborty

Copywriters : Vivek Mangipudi, Srishti Jain

Created Using : Blender 3D

Comedy for Animators: Don't Be That Guy


Funny Reference Footage from Comedy for Animators

Cradle by Devon Manney

After winning the 2017 Student Academy Award, one of my USC students - Devon Manney is aiming for Oscar gold with his short following a veteran as he returns home from the Iraq War after losing both of his arms. From Hollywood Reporter - The 23-year-old made Cradle as his senior-year thesis film at USC's animation program.

The Largest Entertainment Conglomerate Just Got Bigger

More at the NYT - LOS ANGELES — In a move that will reverberate from Hollywood and Silicon Valley to TVs and smartphones around the world, the Walt Disney Company said Thursday that it had reached a deal to buy most of 21st Century Fox, the empire controlled by Rupert Murdoch, in an all-stock transaction valued at roughly $52.4 billion.

While the agreement is subject to the approval of antitrust regulators — and the Justice Department recently a big media company, moved to block AT&T, from becoming even bigger — Disney is acknowledging that the future of television and movie viewing is online. The acquisition, which would make Disney a colossus unlike anything Hollywood has ever seen, is the biggest counterattack from a traditional media company against the tech giants that have aggressively moved into the entertainment business.

So what happens to BlueSky?

So the big Studios now are:

  • Disney / Fox
  • Warner Brothers
  • Universal
  • Paramount
  • Sony

Walt Disney Co. has announced its plans to acquire 20th Century Fox, as part of buying all of 21st Century Fox’s entertainment assets for $52.4 billion.

The deal will mean that Disney will be acquiring film assets including the original Star Wars trilogy, Avatar, X-Men and Deadpool, Ice Age, Rio and new release Ferdinand.

Disney has confirmed that Deadpool will stay R Rated.

In terms of TV, Disney will own TV channel FX, and animated series including The Simpsons, Family Guy and Archer.

There is currently no news yet on what this means for Blue Sky Studios, the feature animation studio owned by 21st Century Fox. Disney of course already has Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar as part of its animation roster.

According to Hollywood Reporter, an insider said “‘They are nervous,’ one source in the tight-knit animation community confides, although he cautions it’s ‘too early to tell’ how the Disney-Fox merger could play out.”

Hearthstone Animated Short: Hearth and Home


Harth Stonebrew’s Tavern is a special place. If you strolled among the packed tables and raucous laughter on a busy night, you’d overhear stories of exhausting travel and perilous adventure—and of lucky voyagers somehow finding the tavern just when they needed it the most.

For the colorful cast of characters who call it home, the tavern is more than just a place to put up their feet or toss back a tasty brew. For them, it’s where the magic of hospitality fills the air, and good times are shared by everyone who happens through the door. In the tavern, the joy of the unexpected or the thrill of competition can be found at any hour. Watch, and discover why Hearthstone is home.

LEARN MORE about Hearthstone: SUBSCRIBE to follow Hearthstone: Hearthstone is Blizzard Entertainment’s highly acclaimed digital strategy card game that’s easy to learn and massively fun. Start a free game and play your cards to sling spells, summon creatures, and command the heroes of Warcraft in duels of epic strategy.

Ticking Away

Once A Hero

Li, Xia

Li XIa, a Chinese animator presents his new animated short movie, Once a hero, made during his last graduation year.

Redshift 2.5 Feature Preview: NVIDIA AI Denoising

Redshift 2.5 will add improved progressive rendering by taking full advantage of NVIDIA AI denoising as demonstrated in this video rendered on a dual GTX 980ti desktop.

Breakdown of a Dragon Animation


She talks really fast but there is some good workflow content there.  I was going to do a tutorial like this because I have a student struggling to make a similar piece in class, but this should cover most of everything I was going to say.  You will just have to stop and start because she really does talk too fast, especially with such a thick accent.

Ziva Lion Breakdown

Latest creature work from Ziva Dynamics

Modeling - Paulo Welter
Creature TD - Andy van Straten
Animation - Paul Tempelman, Tony Wood

Riot Creative Contest 2017 - Deadline January 31, 2018


Expect killer prizes, amazing art, and stiff competition. For those of you that weren't around for our 2014 Riot Contest, check out the Winners from the last time. We're still formalizing the rules for this go around but expect them to be very similar to the 2014 version.

  • Contest starts November 6, 2017 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time (PT). Stay tuned for official contest rules and guidelines which will be announced then!
  • The deadline for entries is January 31, 2018 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time (PT)
  • Winners will be announced and posted on Polycount, RealTime VFX, and on a Riot Art Site TBA
  • Artists participating in this contest must be a member of the Polycount Community. Registration is free by clicking here
  • One person per entry; no team entries
  • A WIP (work-in-progress) thread must be made and maintained in the contest sub-forum for your discipline:
  • A forum thread to ask questions regarding the contest – overview, rules, judging, and prizes – has been made specifically for this contest. Please ask your questions here, in the Riot Creative Contest 2017 Q&A thread
  • The art work submitted to this contest must be originally made for this contest. No existing art work will be accepted
  • Riot Games is the sole judge of the contest and the judgment will be final
  • When you’re ready to submit your masterpiece, head over TBD
  • For the official contest rules, click here
  • Please note: Current partners, contractors, and employees of Riot Games are not eligible for participation in this contest

You can ask questions regarding the contest here. But just in case, here are some questions we've anticipated you may have:

I am interested in multiple categories, is it possible to submit art to multiple categories?

Hell yeah! You can enter as many categories as you want.

Do I have use any specific software or middleware engine solutions?

Nope. Feel free to use whatever software and middleware you’re comfortable with.

I don't know much about League of Legends but want to enter. Where could I go to learn about the game and its story?

You can find information about League of Legends by clicking here. You can also read about the champions of League of Legends, their regions in the world of Runeterra, and the stories we've published here.

I am interested in creating multiple entries for the same category. Is that acceptable?

Yes. These will be seen as separate entries in the contest.

I have an idea for a new champion. Can I use this for this competition?

No. This is a fan art competition. If you are creating an art piece, you can either recreate a champion/skin with your own take on it or create your own original skin for one of our established champions. We are not judging your idea but the final execution. Be sure that if you are designing your own skin that we can still tell who the champion is.

If you're creating a piece of narrative, please follow the guidelines described.

What angle and FOV should I use for my assets?

The angle to use is around 55 degrees with the FOV being 40.

Can I use other maps other than Diffuse?

Yes. You can use Alpha maps.

Can I use a concept art from a friend or that I found online?

No. You can only use your own concept or any concept of Riot. Please do not use other people's concepts that you did not create or own even if they gave you permission. That would constitute teamwork which is against the rules as stated.

For animations, can I use a character model that I ripped from another game?

No. Do not use any copyrighted materials especially where they were acquired illegally. You can use any rig (even something very primitive) for this contest. We are judging the animations and not the model/rig you use.

Edeka Christmas Commercial


Will you wake up from this nightmare ? ...HUIIIIIH !

A short film by MegaComputeur.

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Directed by Corentin Yvergniaux, Camille Jalabert, Quentin Camus
Music and Mixing by Pierre-François Renouf (Le Refuge)


Jesus those giant eyes...


Enter a universe where more than one wears the mask #SpiderVerse In Theaters Christmas 2018.