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Animated Shorts & Animators & Artists & CG & Independent Film Making

Animated Short – Los Angeles Let’s Be Friends

Inspired by the work of Jeff Soto Three Legged Legs brings you Los Angeles Let’s Be Friends. The studio Three Legged legs was started by 3 very creative filmmakers: Greg Gunn, Casey Hunt & Reza Rasoli. The spot – Let’s Be Friends depicts friendly monsters overrunning Los Angeles to spread joy and beauty throughout an otherwise drab and monochromatic society. Despite the creatures’ best efforts, the public isn’t swayed…but I am, I dig it! ~Angie Los Angeles Let’s Be Friends…

Animated Short - Animator VS. Animation
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2 1/2 D & Animated Shorts & Traditional

Animated Short – Animator VS. Animation

Animator vs. Animation The artist’s description of this little flash movie: An animator faces his own animation in deadly combat. The battlefield? The Flash interface itself. A stick figure is created by an animator with the intent to torture. The stick figure drawn by the animator will be using everything he can find – the brush tool, the eraser tool – to get back at his tormentor. It’s resourcefulness versus power. Who will win? You can find out yourself. —…

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Animated Shorts & Animators & Jamie and Angie & Siggraph & The Book

Faux Paw the Internet Cat

Chad Erekson On Day Two of our experience at Siggraph, a young man walked up to the book signing table before we had even sat down with his book in hand. We were still settling in and did not get a chance to write his name down after we snapped his pic. Well, one of our contributors – Mike Warner – knows who this guy is! Its Chad Erekson, and he went to BYU with Mike studying in the animation…

Animated Shorts & Cartoony & CG & Funny & Gobelins & Inspiration & Student Work

Burning Safari

Court-métrage d’animation présenté au Festival international du film d’animation d’Annecy en 2006 par des étudiants de GOBELINS, l’école de l’image. Réalisateurs/Directors : Jeanne IRZENSKI Vincent AUPETIT Claude-William TREBUTIEN Maxime MALEO Aurelien PREDAL Florent DE LA TAILLE Abonnez-vous à la chaîne ici : http://bit.ly/YTgobelins Découvrez les 40 flipbooks et achetez les en ligne : https://www.boutique.cci-paris-idf.fr… Retrouvez GOBELINS sur : Site internet : http://www.gobelins.fr Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/gobelins.ecole Twitter : https://twitter.com/gobelins…

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Animated Shorts & Animators & CG & Flash & Inspiration & Puppets & Traditional & VFX


TygerGuilherme Marcondes Angie here… This little film blew me away. I have always been fascinated by puppets…Especially the Japanese Art of Bunraku. I was able to see a few Bunraku plays when I was working in Osaka and they are sooooo moving and beautiful. A poem by a favorite poet/artist of mine William Blake is used loosely for the story. The combination of 2D, puppetry, live action and other elements is really fun to watch and the landscape reminds me…

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Animated Shorts & Gobelins & Inspiration & Student Work & The Biz & Traditional

Gobelins School – Pyrats Short

Below is a short film made by some students from the Gobelins School. The Gobelins School in France is known for their great animation department. Even though it’s a public institution, it is very difficult to be accepted into this school. Gobelins students make short films as a group (usually 4 to 6 artists). They also keep the length of their films to 1 or 2 minutes. This is smart because they are able to focus on what they do…