Cuphead's Animation Process and Philosophy

In this 2017 GDC bootcamp, Studio MDHR's Jake Clark explains his design and animation processes for the game Cuphead, and shares practical ideas and tips for 2D animation. GDC talks cover a range of developmental topics including game design, programming, audio, visual arts, business management, production, online games, and much more. We post a fresh GDC video every weekday. Subscribe to the channel to stay on top of regular updates, and check out GDC Vault for thousands of more in-depth talks from our archives. Follow us on Twitter Check out our Facebook page for GDC exclusives Visit our site:

Overwatch Portraits

Direction/Design/Animation: Chris Guyot
Additional Sound Design: John Poon

From Chris: This piece is a homage to a game that I love. It’s also an exercise in expressing character personality within a strict set of constraints. My goal was to keep the design as simple as possible, while still communicating the unique qualities of the various characters. Additionally, I wanted to limit myself to just using the characters’ heads in the portraits. No guns allowed!...Minus the exception of DVa’s suit...and Bastion’s gun is technically apart of his body.


The Last Bastion

WildStar Free-to-Play Launch Cinematic


Zed: Death Mark | League Animation Workshop

From Riot Animation Workshop:

Riot has a history of technical experiments and character studies that usually aren’t slated for release as standalone pieces. Instead, creations of this kind tend to be absorbed in the development process, rolled up into the colorful katamari of a more ambitious final product.

Among these creations are a slew of short animations we’ve gathered together and called the League Animation Workshop—a collection straight from the workstations of Riot animators, exploring familiar champions in vastly different styles, techniques, settings, and moods.

Some of what you’ll see is standard “fight porn”like a ninja slicing and dicing a squad of Noxians. Other animations hint at a world outside the frame, or give an impression of what champions are like when they’re not busy bashing one another on the Rift. All represent the craft and care that gives the champions of League of Legends a life beyond the game.

We hope you enjoy this look into our workshop.

Everything - David O'Reilly

Everything is a consciousness simulator and open universe exploration game by David OReilly.
Everything is a game in which everything you see is a playable character. The game allows you to be anything you want and experience the same world through the thousands of points of view.

© David OReilly
Original music © Ben Lukas Boysen

Award-winning Irish animator David OReilly, best known for his short films Please Say Something and The External World, as well as his holographic game designs for director Spike Jonze’s Her, has teamed up with Double Fine Presents on a new video game, Everything.

Everything is set to launch on the Sony PlayStation Store on March 21.

Jason Shum Take Down - iAnimate

Interested in jumping in to the exciting game industry. Check out this take down from game animation instructor Jason Shum and join his class for our Spring term:

Posted by on Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Check out his collection of tutorials at Gumroad

Adam Demo Executable Unity Assets Released


More here...

Adam executable download (size: 3 GB; Windows DX11 only)

It is expected to run 30 fps v-synced @ 1440p on a GeForce GTX 980 and Intel Core i7.

Adam Character Pack: Adam, Guard, and Lu – download  (size: 876.5 MB)

This package contains re-rigged versions of Adam, Guard and Lu.

For the original film we used per-character generic rigs with a lot of prebaked animation onto bones. However, for this release we decided that the characters would be more useful to you, if we rework them with the more flexible humanoid rig – so we did. We removed the additional rigs which were functional only outside of Unity, and made a small rigging tool which tries to replicate some of Adam’s shoulders functionality.

Adam Character Pack: Sebastian – download (size: 483 MB; Windows only)

This character was not reworked: we are shipping it exactly as it was used in the Adam demo. He has a complex rig and will be more difficult to reuse without doing quite a bit of additional work on your own. However, this pack is revealing for those of you who wanted to see exactly how we set it up.

Adam Interior Environment Pack – download (640 MB, DX11 only)

The Interior Pack gives insight into how we put together this environment. You would not want to use this approach in most game dev scenarios, but it is applicable to the production of cinematics, cutscenes, trailers.

VolumetricLighting – download (DX11 only)

We are shipping this isolated version as a more practical way to help those of you who would like to use the demo’s custom lighting and volumetrics in your own projects.

Adam Exterior Environment Pack – download (size: 2.7 GB; DX11 only)

Our main focus while building this environment was on the actual camera locations shown in the main demo.

More about Adam

The Unity Demo Team built Adam with beta versions of Unity 5.4 and our upcoming cinematic sequencer tool. To learn more about how we developed this demo, check out Adam’s web page for other blog posts, articles, and videos.

You may also want to check out the releases from our 2015 demo “The Blacksmith” (exterior, interior, characters, atmospheric scattering, hair shader, unique character shadows, wrinkle maps). We are not diligent in keeping them up to date, but we see many of you still find them useful. You can find more Unity demos in the Demos page.

Dawn of War III – Announcement Trailer

Glasgow-based CG animation studio collaborates with Canadian game developer Relic Entertainment to create a trailer for the launch of ‘Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III.’

The style is heavily influenced by the works of the Polish surrealist painter Zdzisław Beksiński. Large areas of hazy smoke mixed with sections of the highly, detailed structure. In terms of composing the shots, Axis avoided big sweeping camera moves and often opted for flat layouts that signify static paintings.

Disney Shutting Infinity Game Unit, Cutting 300 Jobs

Disney said Tuesday it is shutting down its Disney Infinity line of video games, saying the changing market is too risky.

The company booked a $147 million charge, mostly for unsold inventory. It also laid off about 300 employees, most of them based in Salt Lake City at Avalanche Software, a game studio Disney bought in 2005.

CEO Bob Iger told analysts the risks "caught up with us." Although the unit did well — bringing its interactive division into profitability in recent years — Disney determined it was better to manage the risks by licensing characters rather than developing video games from scratch, he said.

read more at ABC News...

Other video game companies are extending a helping hand to the hundreds of people that Disney is laying off.

Insomiac Games, for example, posted this message on Twitter:

Finding Your Character

A student sent me this and it is a fantastic source of information for posing and understanding personality and character.  Every writer, designer and animator should watch this entire video.

Some Rules Dan Offers: What Makes a Good Pose?

1 – A good pose is clear and instantly readable.

  • Good silhouette
  • Clarity

2 – A good pose demonstrates proper physicality.

  • Body Mechanics
  • Weight

3 – A good pose is visually interesting.

  • Appeal
  • Line of Action
  • Asymmetry
  • Negative Space
  • Contrast

4 – A good pose conveys character.

  • Avoid cliches
  • Personality
  • The Mind is the Pilot






The USC Games Bridge Program can help student teams make successful transitions to the real world of game development

News - USC: Turning Student Projects into Full-fledged Companies

The USC Games Bridge Program can help student teams make successful transitions to the real world of game development.

A new program at USC is taking student video games to the corporate level.

"USC devotes its resources to supporting this new generation of the best and brightest game creators.  ~Gordon Bellamy"

The USC Games Bridge Program, which began this summer, was created to turn student games into companies primed for venture capitalist investment or acquisition. Its innovative approach and elite mentorship program is changing how potential employers recruit and how new games will be developed.

Three teams of Bridge students are receiving legal mentorship to structure their company; business mentorship by venture capitalists, executives and publishers; and insights from games industry leaders. They’ll be working throughout the summer to develop games and perfect their pitch to future venture capitalists to invest in or acquire their company.

“Over the years we’ve seen a lot of great teams graduate from USC and start successful game companies,” said USC Games Director Tracy Fullerton.”Thatgamecompany, The Odd Gentlemen, Survios and Giant Sparrow are just few of these companies that have gone on to release critically acclaimed commercial games. The Bridge has been set up as a formal way of helping our student teams make successful transitions to the real world of game development.” more here

Queue The Cowboy

Beyond Fantastic - this made my day!

and it's a game too!  What?
This film is dedicated to the launch of Ready Steady Play.

Google Play

Video Game Layoff Stories

I like to keep this blog positive. But the long thought stable landscape of gaming which has stayed the most secure sector of creating animation til now... has been hit more and more by restructuring and layoffs and we need to talk about it. 

Doom - Did You Know Gaming?

 Comprehensive look at the history of Doom
with a pixelated image of Bill Gates in a trenchcoat, carrying a shotgun

Monument Valley

Anyone who knows me, understand I do not play video games of any kind.  There are a few reasons for this.
1 - I can't.  I do not have the motor skills.  I cannot even use a wacom stylus. I can use a cintiq, which involves me working directly on the surface... but any kind of trying to look ta a screen and click stuff other than a mouse and I fall apart.
2 - I find the content in video games either insulting, dumb or pointless. It just doesn't interest me.
3 - Finally, most games are unappealing and ugly aesthetically to me.

Gorgeous art, interesting puzzle style flow, unique changes of perspective and gravity force the game forward.  All artists should love the geometric nature and style of this game and appreciate the time and passion taken to make it so.

Eve Incursion

I dont play video games
but the concept of this looks interesting...
turn down speakers, music is annoying

Pagani vs Lamborghini: Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

It made me want to play the game...
and I am not even a gamer.
(I just press all the buttons until something happens)


This game reminds me of my Oddworld days.
The art is so kewl!

DD in Florida

Digital Domain's new Florida digital production studio is planning to carve out niches in videogames, animation and even military simulation graphics.

The Port St. Lucie studio will bear the Digital Domain name and, for now, movie f/x will be done primarily at the Los Angeles and Vancouver outposts.

In addition to $50 million in new investment from DD parent company Wyndcrest Holdings, the studio is getting a $10 million cash grant from local developers, administered by the city of Port St. Lucie; a 15-acre land grant from a local developer, valued at $10 million; and a $20 million grant from the state of Florida's Office of Tourism, Trade and Economic Development.

Move follows DD's recent announcement that it will expand to Vancouver (Daily Variety, Oct. 6).

read more here...

Second Life Documentary

This just blows my mind.
Looks like CG peeps could make a killing on Second Life.

Hitler gets banned from Xbox live

Some foul language, but it's in German with subtitles.
Watch at your own risk.

Spore Game comes out in the US June 17th!

I heard from the people at Spore today and check it out!

You can make your own creatures, give them abilities and it looks a helluva lot better than most of the Web 3.0 apps like Second Life that already offer this functionality! I am not really a gamer - I just don't have the genes to push those little buttons, but I htink this is truly amazing.

As soon as you create your creature it is ready to start moving around! Hippity Hop is just silly but funny too and you can make offspring! I love the sounds it makes as you build it and I am positive this will be huge with women (pink market) because it's so customizable.

Wouldn't it be kewl if animators could just make creatures like that in minutes and start animating!

Press Release

If you haven't yet heard of SPORE, the forthcoming game from Will Wright, the mind who brought us SimCity and The Sims, and if you haven't yet heard of SPORE's creature creation component, let me tell you just a bit about it here, and how it applies to you and the animation world: The SPORE Creature Creator gives anyone the chance to build their own unique animated creatures, bring them to life and play with them, as well as share them with friends and the world. Launching on June 17, the powerful yet easy-to-use creation tool also gives anyone, whether a PC or Mac user, an early introduction to the most anticipated game of 2008, SPORE. A free demo version of the creature creator will be available online from The full retail version will be on sale for $9.99 in North America and 9.99 in most European territories.

With the SPORE Creature Creatorâ€'s simple drag-and-drop interface, you can assemble your creature from a wide range of more than 200 parts. Make a creature with shark fins on its back or eight arms; it''s totally up to you. Pull and stretch your creatures' parts exactly as you choose, then paint it with distinctive colors and patterns. Once you are happy with what you have produced, it's time to bring it to life and see how it moves. SPORE's unprecedented procedural animation technology intuits how your creature would move and emote even without the game animators ever having seen your completely unique creature!

If it doesn't sound possible, or if I'm being unclear, you can check out this 12-minute video that just went up last week that takes you through the creature creation process:

Ready IM Fire

From Cartoon Network PR ~

With the chilly winter weather setting in, it’s tempting to curl up inside with some hot chocolate and fuzzy slippers. Now you can do just that while experiencing Cartoon Network’s newest multiplayer game, called “Ready IM Fire.” No actual snow necessary.

The innovative viral game allows users to first dodge snowballs tossed at them by a Cartoon Network character, then gives them a chance to retaliate and throw snowballs at a new targeted friend. These “throws” can then be instant messaged to a friend (by copying and pasting a link), who will in turn dodge their friend’s throws. It’s the fun of a hearty snowball fight without getting freezing slush on your face.

To launch their snowballs, players can choose from popular Cartoon Network characters such as Chowder, Ed (of Ed, Edd and Eddy), Lazlo (from “Camp Lazlo”) and Abby “Numbuh Five” Lincoln (from Kids Next Door).

The game officially launched on Monday,

December 17th and you can play it here:

Happy throwing!

If you want to dodge Angie's snowballs, click here