Chris Edwards in Beijing – Part 1: Previs and Virtual Production in China

One of the nicest guys I ever worked with in CG and respectful of the artists who work for him. Read the whole article here at AWN.

THE THIRD FLOOR founder talks about cutting edge production techniques and technology in a new global frontier.

Chris Edwards has been pushing the envelope in film production techniques for more than a decade. Since he co-founded THE THIRD FLOOR in 2004, the company has become a primary force in propelling previs from little-known technique to essential component in major visual effects movie production. All services considered, from pitchvis through to postvis, THE THIRD FLOOR now estimates it is involved in 75% of all Hollywood feature productions. And Edwards is only just getting started. Last year he co-founded the Virtual Reality Company, a new entity harnessing art, storytelling and technology to explore the possibilities of VR entertainment. He is currently beating the drum for virtual production – prebuilt computer graphics taken on set to interact with the live shoot in real-time – aiming to elevate it to the same level of ubiquity as previs.
CC: What made you feel that THE THIRD FLOOR could have role to play in China?CE: I felt that this unbridled enthusiasm was going off in so many different directions that perhaps structuring media using previs could be a way to bring it all together, to bring all of these specialist teams and creators to work on one project that can be profitable and widely accepted all around the world. But I knew that that had to be born from within China and we would just be the support medium to help out those Chinese creators. We’re hoping to work from within China, building global content and, through an internship program, we want to help train the best of the best Chinese creators and give them the real world experience working on the highest end productions.

Read the whole article here at AWN.