CG & Projection Mapping

Projection mapping project for HeavyM Contest

I made this to enter a contest at HeavyM Software and I think I am just too far behind on the deadline to get the votes… but here goes anyways…!!! Vote for me so I can win stuff and make more projections! Click here to VOTE! AfterLife Projection 2017 by Angie Jones from Angie Jones on Vimeo. After Life Behind The Scenes Projection 2017 By Angie Jones from Angie Jones on Vimeo. 5-foot x 4-foot quad skull form built with coroplast. Behind…

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Björk & Events & My Students & Projection Mapping & VR

Rhythms + Visions /Expanded + Live 3 @ USC

  Parking is 12$ so park on the street! Rhythms + Visions /Expanded + Live 3 – AfterLife by Angie Jones, Music composed by Bryan Curt Kostors from Angie Jones on Vimeo. After Life by Angie Jones 6k render for a 70-foot installation Music Composed By Bryan Curt Kostors  :15 piece in the Rhythms & Visions Expanded Live Show projected in the park behind the USC John C. Hench Division of Animation & Digital Arts. Refik Anadol, Miwa Matreyek, Davide…