Third Year Group Film - Sheridan College
That's Boss Productions

James Ghio | Kanako Iwata | Nathan Dewey | Luke Smith | Aaron Fryer | Emily Choi | Jason Burch | Anton Wong | Chris Gallant | Ibrahim El-Dulaimi | Michael Huerto

Mentor: Tony Tarantini
Music: Nick Randall

artist links below

James Ghio http://jimbo0311.deviantart.com/
Luke Smith http://lukeyarts.tumblr.com/
Kanako Iwata http://kanacoke.blogspot.ca/
Nathan Dewey http://deweydark.blogspot.ca/
Emily Choi http://ricepuff.blogspot.ca/
Ibrahim El-Dulaimi http://3dulaimi.blogspot.ca/

Rose Bleue

Rose Bleue from Rose Bleue on Vimeo.

Graduation film from Supinfocom.

This is the story of a man trying to save his wife by chasing blue roses in an apocalyptic world.

Directed by :
Mehdi Aouichaoui
Claire Dejoie
François Heysen
Pauline Lebris
Quentin Pointillart

Music by : Kevin Bardin

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Peter Chung Interview with Ash Thorp

August 15, 2016  —  2 hours, 22 mins

Legendary animator, writer, and director Peter Chung joins us this week to share a candid discussion about his viewpoint on what it is to be creative, working in the medium of film and animation, and what inspires him.

“Partly the reason why there’s so much crap being made is that there are films made by people who are just driven by the process, and they’re not interested in the final result.”

— Peter Chung

Animation Show of Shows

The Animation Show of Shows - Kickstarter

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Above is my fellow professor from USC, Shelia Sofian telling you more.

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