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Gobelins School – Pyrats Short

Below is a short film made by some students from the Gobelins School. The Gobelins School in France is known for their great animation department. Even though it’s a public institution, it is very difficult to be accepted into this school. Gobelins students make short films as a group (usually 4 to 6 artists). They also keep the length of their films to 1 or 2 minutes. This is smart because they are able to focus on what they do…

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Glen Keane Podcast

Angie here, I sat here this afternoon folding laundry, while listening to the Glen Keane Podcast Part Two on Animation Podcast and I caught myself nodding over and over again. Part One is interesting, but Part Two really gets to the heart of things. Glen talks about his experience mentoring under the greats at Disney and how welcoming those people were. He talks about how sometimes he would just leave the studio when he would get stuck and go to…

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Stuart Little

Rob Minkoff drew this for me.I had to totally redo a shot because they had re-edited the sequence …and it was his way of saying thank you.Hell, I didn’t care, I was just so happy to be animating!!! Stuart Little was one of my most favorite shows, because it was a sequel. When you work on a sequels everyone KNOWS who (the character) IS! In this case – the mouse – had already been through one movie and so the…

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Darin McGowan

Angie here! What can I say…I love this guy. Darin is one of our contributors for the book and I will bring up each of the contributors once in a while, so you can get a sense of the folks that helped us make the book great! He has a brain like a magic box and you never what characters or stories will come out of there. He is also one of the few people out there that loves the…