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MAVKA. The Forest Song. Official Teaser Trailer 1

Watch the new teaser trailer of Ukrainian animated feature film ‘Mavka.The Forest Song’! The magic world of the ancient forest, incredible adventures and fantastic heroes that will soon be discovered by the whole world! Mavka – a soul of the Forest, she is nature herself, she is complex, mysterious and two-folded: tender and caring when in love, but fierce and defensive when hurt. Nevertheless, her main feature is that she always strives for peace and harmony. This is the story…

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Everything – David O’Reilly

Everything is a consciousness simulator and open universe exploration game by David OReilly. Everything is a game in which everything you see is a playable character. The game allows you to be anything you want and experience the same world through the thousands of points of view. © David OReilly Original music © Ben Lukas Boysen Award-winning Irish animator David OReilly, best known for his short films Please Say Something and The External World, as well as his…

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ICARE (Icarus)Teaser

From Cartoon Brew… The Greek myth of Icarus serves as the basis of the film, but there are some new twists to this classic tale about a boy who flies too close to the sun. “The idea is to imagine the youth of the young Icarus, a part that goes unmentioned in the myth as we know it,” Vogele told Cartoon Brew. In Vogele’s version, the story will focus on the friendship between Icarus and the Minotaur, both of whom…

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‘Pear Cider and Cigarettes’ Vimeo Original is an Academy Award Contender

Vimeo On Demand Director Robert Valley teams with Passion Pictures to bring his gritty graphic novel to the screen, garnering an Oscar nod and Annie win along the way. Genres: Animation, Documentary Duration: 35 minutes Subtitles: 3 languages + Show Availability: Worldwide For the Script 2 Screen book for Pear Cider and Cigarettes, please visit Drink and smoke…that’s what Techno Stypes really likes to do, and fight. He was in no condition to fight. He was sick, really sick.…

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Akira Kurosawa & Independent Film Making & Inspiration & Storyboarding

Akira Kurosawa’s Hand-Painted Storyboards

The iconic Japanese filmmaker created more than 30 films, many of which have gone on to become cult classics still cherished today. Before Kurosawa became a world class filmmaker, Akira spent his early years as an aspiring painter. Hit the thumbs to celebrate his legacy with a collection of incredible Akira Kurosawa storyboards.  …

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Mark Duplass – There’s no excuse not to make films on weekends with friends!

The key to becoming a successful and fulfilled independent filmmaker is shooting films on your mobile phone for $3 and never giving in to the temptation of studio schmaltz, according to Mark Duplass, the co-creator of Togetherness. In his keynote speech at SXSW in Austin, the filmmaker outlined his step-by-step survival guide for young directors who don’t want to compromise in order to get their films made. “The first step is the $3 short film,” he said. “We’re in a…

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Rotoscoped Horse by Carnegie Mellon University School of Art

Carnegie Mellon University professor Paolo Pedercini asked his animation students to reimagine an 1870s iconic film footage by Eadweard Muybridge of a galloping horse. Using a technique called rotoscoping which involves an animator painstakingly tracing over film footage frame by frame, the students did not disappoint. Their unique interpretations include a rainbow centaur, space aliens, Burger King, and even modern art by Piet Mondrian. Rotoscoping was used in the 1930s in films like Disney’s Snow White and more recently in…

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CalArts Holds First Symposium on Gender Bias in Animation

CalArts is holding its First Symposium on Gender Bias in Animation… It’s about finding ways to showcase more women directors. From Cartoon Brew’s Academy Announces 10 Animated Shorts Advance to Oscar Shortlist “The animation categories are guaranteed to be heavily male-centric this year. Just two of the ten shortlisted shorts have women directors, and none of the contending animated features were directed by a woman. Compare this to this year’s César shortlist, in which 8 of the 12 films were…

La Noria - Carlos Baena
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La Noria IndieGogo Video – Carlos Baena

La Noria IndieGogo Video from Carlos Baena on Vimeo.  Carlos Baena, left Pixar Animation Studios to create his own short film, La Noria. Baena’s been hard at work with his team for the last three years. Carlos and his team intend to finish the film in 2016 and need your help. Click here to jump to their crowd funding campaign.…