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James Cameron Reveals Avatar Sequel Details

From Empire Online.com James Cameron is not someone who does things by halves. The man who rebuilt the Titanic is currently hard at work on four sequels toAvatar, the first of which won’t land until 2020. However, there are a few things about the upcoming sequels that fans will find familiar, not least of all the principal villain. Warning: Spoilers ahead. It’s long been confirmed that Stephen Lang‘s Colonel Quartich would return (despite taking a pair of four-foot arrows in…

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A Study of Creature Animation in Film and Games

I disagree with this guy,Jalil Sadool, COMPLETELY. There IS a HUGE difference between creating creature animation for film and games. I disagree with his assessment that it doesn’t make a difference between the the final output expectations. There IS a BIG difference in the animation itself between these genres.  I am currently working on the feature Avatar and the animation production process is very specific. The game and feature labels definitely apply to the approach to creating the animation. In…