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The Bigger Picture

I love this so much! The story of two brothers struggling with the care of their elderly mother. “Staff Pick Premiere: a story of loss told in life-size animation.” Read our interview with director Daisy Jacobs in the Vimeo Blog: vimeo.com/blog/post/staff-pick-premiere-a-story-of-loss-told-in-life-s **2015 BAFTA WINNER** **2015 OSCAR NOMINATED** Directed by Daisy Jacobs, The Bigger Picture tells the story of two adult sons dealing with the deteriorating condition of their elderly mother. It’s a beautiful film, full of tenderness and compassion. The…

2D & Artists & Inspiration

Director Andy Baker Signs on with Friends Electric

This post dedicated to my student Joe Etemadi… Friends Electric announces that experimental animation director Andy Baker has joined its artists’ roster for UK and European representation. As part of the Friends Electric cohort, Baker is broadening his creative horizons, working with new technologies to create work for a range of platforms and long-form narratives while continuing to emphasize 2D design and character-driven commercial animation. He is currently working on a “first of its kind” VR promo for a prominent…

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Movie Geometry – Shaping the Way You Think

Have you ever noticed that villains in a story have pointy features and the lovable characters appear to be round-faced? A new video has revealed why – and how Disney and other filmmakers use the trick to get us to empathize with the hero and hate the villain in movies. It shows how characters such as Darth Vader and Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty have sharp, angular faces made from triangles, while lovable characters such as Baloo from ‘The Jungle Book’ are…

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Peter Chung Interview with Ash Thorp

Episode 134  —  Peter Chung August 15, 2016  —  2 hours, 22 mins Legendary animator, writer, and director Peter Chung joins us this week to share a candid discussion about his viewpoint on what it is to be creative, working in the medium of film and animation, and what inspires him. GUEST LINKS Peter Chung Peter’s Vimeo Peter on Acme Films Animatrix Interview with Peter Aesthetics in Flux The State of Visual Narrative in Film and Comics Reflexions Firebreather Edited…

Riggers & Rigs

Fan Made Elsa Rig

Well this is one way to prove you got the chops to work on a feature.  Spiel Kind documented the entire process from modeling to rigging on a CG talk thread . He breaks down the rig by explaining how many blend shapes went into it… “27 blendshapes, which I divided up and/or mirrored into 90 total shapes. On top of that I also have a joint-rig though, which is responsible for the jaw/lips- and eyelid-setup.”…

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Scripting & Story Artists & Storyboarding

6 Story Arcs Define Western Literature, Data-Mining Study Reveals

6 Story Arcs Define Western Literature, Data-Mining Study Reveals “Rags to riches” (the story gets better over time); “Man in a hole” (fortunes fall, but the protagonist bounces back); “Cinderella” (there’s an initial rise in good fortunes, followed by a setback, but a happy ending) “Tragedy” or “riches to rags” (things only get worse); “Oedipus” (bad luck, followed by promise, ending in a final fall) “Icarus” (opens with good fortunes, but doomed to fail)…

Concept Artists & Contest & Events & ILM

ILM Art Department Challenge

ILM Art Department Challenge THE JOB Brought to you by ILM, Wacom and ArtStation. Hosts: David Nakabayashi, Alex Jaeger, Kilian Plunkett, Doug Chiang, Kevin Jenkins, Yanick Dusseault, Aaron McBride, Stephen Tappin, Christian Alzmann, Amy Beth Christenson, Ryan Church, Thang Le, James Clyne, Jason Horley, Bianca Draghici, Erik Tiemens The Job—Working as a Concept Artist:  Brief Key dates Part 1 Submissions start: 11 July 2016 Part 1 Submissions end: 14 July 2016 (this is not a final deadline. You will have…

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Books & Comics & Concept Artists

How to Draw Sci-Fi Utopias and Dystopias By Prentis Rollins

For all those clear-eyed artists, ages 12 and up, engaging in and reimagining this world, How to Draw Sci-Fi Utopias and Dystopias (Monacelli Studio; September 2016) gives an in-depth look at the process of completing sci-fi illustrations—from the thought behind them to constructing basic forms and objects on paper, converting roughs into finished pencil drawings, inking them in, and coloring them in Photoshop. The book is organized around the perennial distinction between two ways of representing the future in science…