Fan Made Elsa Rig

Well this is one way to prove you got the chops to work on a feature.  Spiel Kind documented the entire process from modeling to rigging on a CG talk thread . He breaks down the rig by explaining how many blend shapes went into it… “27 blendshapes, which I divided up and/or mirrored into 90 total shapes. On top of that I also have a joint-rig though, which is responsible for the jaw/lips- and eyelid-setup.”

MG-PickerStudio Features Demo

Geek Stuff - MG-Picker Studio

This video demonstrates the MG-Picker Studio in Animator's perspective. Check out Designer features demo if you are also interested in picker designing. Go to or to download MG-Picker Studio, it is totally free for maya animator!!

Easy Car Driver

Tutorial - Easy Car Driver Rig

Maya car rig from igorov3d on Vimeo.
 The EasyCarDriver script for Maya, is a tool that will automatically create a 4-wheeled car rig in Maya.

You can easily animate the motion for the vehicle by using a curve in the scene. The script will also make the wheels stick to the ground, even if the ground is a terrain.

EasyCarDriver give you a fast set up, dynamic suspension, automatic wheel ground contact, automatic wheel rotation and offset attributes for adjusting/animating you car on top off the generated animation.

EasyCarDriver can be found on 3DOcean for $15.00.

Thinking Animation

Rigger - Thinking Animation Needs A Rigger

I need a rigger to "re-rig" a character for me. It's the clown mascot for my animation book released in 2006. The model is built and has been rigged, but the rig needs improvement. The clown on the cover of the book was rigged when it was released in 2006. I am sure the joint placement still works and some of the skinning and rigging will be okay. I am mostly concerned with the facial rig. I HATE GUI'S for facial and want direct controls.

I am a professor now and have no budget, but my book and website have quite the following and for the right person could serve as a spotlight needed to get noticed.

I intend to offer the rig for free as a learning tool for animators on my website. You will have full credit and the NDA required to use the rig will make it mandatory to list you in all credits.

I would like to turn this around by this Fall before the new school year begins. Hopefully by late July so I have time to promote the release.

Intermediate to advanced rigging skills are necessary.

I hope I can find someone to help me because I don't want to just release another free rig out there that doesn't work.

Please send me an online reel and link to website.

Angie Jones

Oscar Medina Character TD/Rigger

2:50 in... I have never seen a rig that mimics your drawing of the shapes???
Wowsie Wow!

Minion Rig for Download?

Rumor mill says this is going to be available for download soon.

CG MeetUp Minion Contest