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Movie Geometry – Shaping the Way You Think

Have you ever noticed that villains in a story have pointy features and the lovable characters appear to be round-faced? A new video has revealed why – and how Disney and other filmmakers use the trick to get us to empathize with the hero and hate the villain in movies. It shows how characters such as Darth Vader and Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty have sharp, angular faces made from triangles, while lovable characters such as Baloo from ‘The Jungle Book’ are…

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THE EVOLUTION OF STOP-MOTION from Vugar Efendi on Vimeo. With the release of Kubo and the Two Strings, it is a perfect moment to go back in time and see the evolution of stop-motion animation throughout the years. The films included are: – The Enchanted Drawing (1900) -Fun at the Bakery Shop (1902) -El Hotel Electrico (1905) -Humorous Phases of Funny Faces (1906) -The Cameraman’s Revenge (1912) -The Night before Christmas (1913) -Häxan (1922) -The Lost World (1925) -The Tale…

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Aardman is Hiring Assistant Animators

I rarely post jobs here on the blog because that is what job boards are for, but there is rarely a stop mo opportunity, so here it is… TRAINEE ASSISTANT ANIMATORS – EARLY MAN Closing Date 22nd July 2016 Location Aztec West Trainee Assistant Animators wanted – Early Man Project based contracts We currently have a small number of Trainee Assistant Animator vacancies in our Features Animation crew. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone wanting to take the first…