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The Nimble Collective

This concept is the future for all animators, makers, and creators. Check out the podcast by Tracy Chabala at Smashd to understand how Nimble Collective proposes one platform mastered on the cloud will help you make your next film. ~Via Smashd BY TRACY CHABALA | MARCH 2, 2016 The startup Nimble Collective wants to hook you up with studio-grade animation applications in the cloud.…

La Noria - Carlos Baena
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La Noria IndieGogo Video – Carlos Baena

La Noria IndieGogo Video from Carlos Baena on Vimeo.  Carlos Baena, left Pixar Animation Studios to create his own short film, La Noria. Baena’s been hard at work with his team for the last three years. Carlos and his team intend to finish the film in 2016 and need your help. Click here to jump to their crowd funding campaign.…