Nathan Love/Aardman - Winter Refresh


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A collaborative development process “helped [ANL] decide on both the scope and look of the project,” according to EP Jon O’Hara. “We won the assignment based on an incredible stop-motion CG look we gave to several beloved Nick characters, and then our original concept snowballs and their hijinks.” This digital stop-mo effect, meant to recall the old Rudolph and Frosty specials from Rankin/Bass per the project brief, “inspired [ANL] to build a world rooted in tactile materials, but with the freedom to create some wilder narratives.”


12 Steps to making a Slapstick Film

Bram Ttwheam animator at Aardman Animations was asked 'Just how did you make that excellent festival ident for Slapstick Festival'
This was his response.