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Match by Danny Munoz

password: match You might remember me mentioning Danny Munoz’ kickstarter campaign for his senior thesis film. Danny was smart and created a several crowd funding campaign to support his senior thesis. Match – indiegogo Well, he finished the film and graduated the John C. Hench Division of Animation & Digital Arts, School of Cinematic Arts, University of Southern California. His film called Match. More about Danny here.…

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Rhythms + Visions /Expanded + Live 3 @ USC

  Parking is 12$ so park on the street! Rhythms + Visions /Expanded + Live 3 – AfterLife by Angie Jones, Music composed by Bryan Curt Kostors from Angie Jones on Vimeo. After Life by Angie Jones 6k render for a 70-foot installation Music Composed By Bryan Curt Kostors  :15 piece in the Rhythms & Visions Expanded Live Show projected in the park behind the USC John C. Hench Division of Animation & Digital Arts. Refik Anadol, Miwa Matreyek, Davide…

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Animated Shorts & CG & Inspiration & My Students & Student Work & Traditional & USC DADA

USC’s School of Cinematic Arts presents ‘First Frame 2017’ April 21st!

I am so proud of my students at USC. Come out and see some of the films!  My MFA student from 2016 Jessie Wang created the film below – 8’Oclock shadow. USC’s School of Cinematic Arts presents First Frame 2017, the annual showcase featuring the latest achievements in animation from students and alumni in the John C. Hench Division of Animation & Digital Arts (Hench-DADA). The showcase will feature original student work spanning all forms of animation including experimental and…

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POKEY POKEY by Jake Zhang

A message from one of my students at USC regarding his film – POKEY POKEY… The Pokey Team: composer Pantawit Kiangsiri, sound designer Katie Gately, producer Zhen Zeng, graphic designer Shangning Wang, one of story creators Xu Zhou, Chinese version theme song creator 黃衍仁, voice actor Ross Huguet, Music Engineer Dan Blanck, animation helpers Jinzhi Du, Fan Feng, Wan Jinyue, etc. Thank you Joshua Weisbrod for helping revising the script. And sure thanks to the great USC faculties and staffs…

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Academy Reveals 2016 Student Oscar Winners

I am so proud of one of my USC students, Alicja Jasina, who one a student academy award in animation for her film – Once upon a Line. LOS ANGELES — The Academy has voted 17 students as winners of the 43rd Student Academy Awards competition. The Academy received a record number of entries this year — 1,749 films from 286 domestic and 95 international colleges and universities — which were voted by a record number of Academy members. The 2016…

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iAnimate Student Spotlight – Matt Roe

Matthew Roe 2014 Showreel from Matthew Roe on Vimeo. Matt Roe was my student last Spring 2014 in the iAnimate WS4 – Facial Acting and also my student for WS3 – Advanced Body Mechanics Fall 2013 at iAnimate  Matt killed every shot he started.  The piece with the church door he is trying to open was a VERY long piece of Advanced Body mechanics and I worried he might not finish… but he completed it in spades.  The piece with Sheldon playing a…

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iAnimate Student Spotlight – Ngan Chung

Animation Reel 2014 from Animator Ngan on Vimeo. Ngan Chung was my student last Fall 2013 and she blew me away.  She has an incredible sense of timing and her dramatic piece was as good as her comedic work in my class.  The first shot is my favorite of her work though.  She used smear and blur frames effectively and her personal acting reference was spot on the first time she posted.  She would probably kill me if I posted…

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iAnimate Student Spotlight – Rod Dimayuga

Animation Demo Reel – Rod Dimayuga from Rod Dimayuga on Vimeo. Rodolfo Dimayuga was a joy to teach at iAnimate. I seriously looked forward to his submissions every time we met. He also pushed past the basic criteria of a closeup for acting and added psycho logic gesture and attitude beyond the original acting clip had. Rod took my WS4 – Facial and Dialog Acting Class Summer of 2013. He did two great pieces with me in that class and I…

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Workshop 4 and Workshop 5 Feature Student Work iAnimate – Instructor Angie Jones

Workshop 4 and Workshop 5 Feature Student Work iAnimate  Instructor Angie Jones from angie jones on Vimeo. This is a collection of the best of the best work by my students at iAnimate in Workshop 4 – Close Up Acting and Workshop 5 Full Body Acting. Above is a sample of the past three years. Each student’s name is located in the top left corner and workshop level in the bottom right. I will be teaching my usual three Workshops this…

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ianimate Student Spotlight – Kevin Nguyen

Kevin Nguyen turned out to be one of my favorite students last block.  Every week he surprised me with more attention to detail and some of the funniest reference I have ever seen. Kevin is dedicated to becoming the best animator he can be and I believe he will not be a free agent for long with these new shots (the first and second shot he did in WS5 with me) on his demo. Check Kevin Nguyen’s Work out here.…

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ianimate Student Spotlight – James Maloney

JamesMaloney 2013 Animation Reel from James Maloney on Vimeo. James Maloney was unstoppable in my WS5 Full Body Acting Class Summer 2013.  James gets it.  I would just suggest a couple things to make his work better and he would take that morsel and turn it into a fantastic performance.  James is coming out to LA in November, so grab him for your next project! Check out James Maloney Update:  James is now a cinematic animator at Blizzard Entertainment and he said they…