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Manga Studio Review: Better than Adobe Photoshop

A review of Manga Studio 5 showcasing the features that are better than Adobe Photoshop for digital drawing and painting. I outline some of Manga Studio’s exclusive features that make the program so powerful and enjoyable, from the point-of-view of freelance illustrator, Brian Allen. See full review at: http://www.flylanddesigns.com/?p=3192 ————————— This video uses a custom set of 100 Manga Studio 5 brushes available for purchase here for $2.99: http://www.flylanddesigns.com/custom-manga-studio-5-clip-studio-paint-brushes/…

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Match by Danny Munoz

password: match You might remember me mentioning Danny Munoz’ kickstarter campaign for his senior thesis film. Danny was smart and created a several crowd funding campaign to support his senior thesis. Match – indiegogo Well, he finished the film and graduated the John C. Hench Division of Animation & Digital Arts, School of Cinematic Arts, University of Southern California. His film called Match. More about Danny here.…

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Zed: Death Mark | League Animation Workshop

From Riot Animation Workshop: Riot has a history of technical experiments and character studies that usually aren’t slated for release as standalone pieces. Instead, creations of this kind tend to be absorbed in the development process, rolled up into the colorful katamari of a more ambitious final product. Among these creations are a slew of short animations we’ve gathered together and called the League Animation Workshop—a collection straight from the workstations of Riot animators, exploring familiar champions in vastly different…