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Tutorials by Chiara Porri

Italian freelance animator Chiara Porri has a alot of great tutorials to help you on your way! Check out her blog!   Tutorial #04 – How to create a Bouncing Ball from Chiara Porri on Vimeo. Tutorial #04 How to Animate a Character Turn from Chiara Porri on Vimeo. Female Walk Cycle – Workflow Tutorial from Chiara Porri on Vimeo. Run Cycle – Tutorial from Chiara Porri on Vimeo. Action, Walk & Run Test – wip01 from Chiara Porri on Vimeo.…

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Maya 2017 for Motion Graphics

I have been playing with the new MASH tools for Motion Graphics and design in Maya 2017 and am really impressed. Currently, I am working on a piece for the Rhythms + Visions / Expanded + Live 3 show at USC. I will post when the piece has been shown there here for you all to see. the final output is over 6k wide to be projected on 4 screens. Maya 2017 for Motion Graphics from Autodesk Media and Entertainment…

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Shane Olson – Beginner Zbrush Training: Creating a Simple Cartoon Character

Learn how to digitally sculpt a Cartoon Frog (and Fly) with Zbrush!  Create parts using Dynamesh and Insert Mesh brushes. Also, learn how to pose your character using the transpose tool. Lastly, use polypaint to add color to your character. By the end of this course, you should have the general knowledge to build your own simplistic, cartoon character from scratch using Zbrush.…

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What It Is Like To Be An Animator

Animating Mei’s Frosty 🙂 Highlight Intro Recording of David Gibson’s animation process for animating Mei’s “Frosty” Highlight Intro from Overwatch in Autodesk Maya. This video was originally made and presented as part of the Overwatch Exhibit in Blizzard’s Irvine Museum. Character Design by: Arnold Tsang Character Model by: Renaud Galand Character Rig by: Dylan Jones Technical Support and Workflow Tools by: Lan Fang & Dylan Jones. Overwatch Animation Team: Ryan Denniston, Jesse Davis, Michael Biancalana, Matt Boehm, Adam York, David…

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Learning & Nuke & Software & Traditional

After Effects to Nuke 101 – A Tutorial by BenQ

Many of my students lean on After Effects and it is quite easy to learn but also Ae has limits once you learn the basics of compositing. Ae is a good as a general application. If you are serious about compositing you should really learn Nuke. This video is sponsored by Benq. This is a brand new series specifically created to help you transition from After Effects to Nuke. In this first video we do a basic introduction to get you…

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Comedy For Animators

There is a great blog called Comedy For Animators… check it out! The goal is to teach animators about the art of physical comedy as practiced by the masters. About Comedy for Animators Intended for animators, story artists, writers and development executives, Comedy for Animators is a book written to introduce you to the remarkable art of physical comedy.   If you want to make  funny cartoons, it’s critical to understand this unique history of characters and stories.   Animation teachers have long told…

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A Conversation with Kubo and the Two Strings VFX Oscar Nominees LAIKA’s Oscar-nominated VFX Supervisor, Animation Supervisor and Director of Rapid Prototype will discuss Kubo and the Two Strings at Gnomon ahead of the VES Awards. The panel will bring together Steve Emerson, Brad Schiff, and Brian McLean, and the discussion will be moderated by Emmy-winning character animator and Gnomon Instructor, Laura Barbera. Speakers will take questions from both the stage audience and Livestream viewers during the live event. Tweet questions using #gnomon on Twitter. If you’re in or near…