Traversal Animation - Dota2 Rig Test

Wes also animated this progression breakdown of Lily jumping.

Kyle Bunk McCree Pixel Art

Kyle Bunk McCree Pixel Art

more fun from Kyle













Round 1… Fight!

Anime Style Action Test

An RnD test for Anime style action.

2D effects from these guys

speed lines by Mikołaj Kijowski and Chaofanatic
140 flash 2d fx elements pack
Compilation FX 2011 from matthieu scanlon
2d fx reel Sébastien Iglesias
Afrojack 2D VJ FX

Bloodseeker Badass Actions

Character from Dota 2,

The rig is actually not very well done.

Andrew Tan wanted to see if I could make something really nice and cool with a rig that don't work well.