Wayne Unten Test for Weeds










Wayne Unten Shows his process to create the performance for a shot on the new animated short - Weeds directed by Kevin Hudson.













Traversal Animation - Dota2 Rig Test


Wes also animated this progression breakdown of Lily jumping.



Big Hero 6 Breakdown Reel


Zootopia Progression Reel


Francis Francis Scene Progression

Progression of a scene Bryce McGovern animated for Dreamworks 'The Boss Baby'.

From the layout that we get launched on, through final animation and lighting. Of course, all images are copyright Dreamworks Animation, and intended for educational purposes only.

Funny Guy


From Bohdan Frantsishko: This is a progression shot of a 3d animation I did in Animschool.

It includes reference, blocking, final spline, and render. Enjoy :)

“Its Over” Comparison Reel By Aaron McGriff


Really Nice piece by Aaron McGriff!

The Café Kickstarter

The Café is an independent short animated film in Production by Dana Boadway Masson (Director) and Terrence Masson (Producer).

Dana has been working with professional animator friends volunteering their considerable skills, while Terrence has been using it as an interdisciplinary teaching project for his students at Northeastern University. A unique and successful collaboration so far!

They have launched a Kickstarter to pay professional lighting/comp TD's and get us wrapped up in time for the 2014 festival circuit.

3D Maya look development - Northeastern Univ. student work

Café sketch by Dana Masson and rough 3D model

Young Woman sketches by Dana Masson and Carlos Arancibia

Small Dog sketches by Carlos Arancibia

Look dev of Young Man's room by Jason Clarke

Gene Kelly inspiration reference

Ice Age:Continental Drift Progression Reel

Pretty tight to the storyboards!
In my experience, although the storyboards are revised and gone over and over before ever getting to layout and workbook stages, RARELY does the final animation ever look this much like the boards.
Maybe it's just too many cooks int he kitchen on the shows I have worked on?  For the most part, the previz is what I am given as the final staging and ideas and never the boards for this reason, and then MUCH can continue to change as you work on a shot in animation with notes from leads, sups, anim directors and the director.  
Anyone else have the same experience?

Ratatouille Scoopville!

Most people who read this blog know I am pretty
excited about this movie by my previous posts!

I have purposely missed early screenings of Ratatouille - so I can experience it with the rest of the "excited-normal public" and not with a bunch of industry types. RATATOUILLE opens in theaters THIS FRIDAY, June 29th!

Here is an interview with Brad Bird on KCRW

A little birdie in marketing for the Ratatouille sent me some great hi-rez images and links to post here on the blog! Click on any of the images above to see the HI-REZ stills - the characters are really amazing, especially the soft textures and designs. This movie is really pushing what CG can be aesthetically.

Also! The first link takes you to a Progression reel from animatic to Workbook/Previz to Look Dev and Animation through to Final Renders. Nice!