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Thinking Animation – New Maya Rigs Section

Every day riggers are releasing more and more really well-done rigs for FREE! So, I have re-worked my Maya Rig section to accommodate. The rigs listed in the Maya section on the left menu have all been tested at some point by myself and/or my students. These are the rigs I recommend. I have separated the rigs by the level of detail and controls. Simple rigs are separated under NEWBIE. The more intermediate level rigs are under JUNIOR – BIPED and…

Maya Rigs That Don't Suck
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New Maya Rig Reviews Page on the Site

I just posted an informative RIG REVIEW page on the site about the free character rigs available that I have tested with my students at USC. Maya Rigs That Don’t Suck There are a couple more rigs I will add to this page, but this covers most of those I know of that are free or “next to free” offered out there. My hope is to make it easy for the riggers to make improvements to the rigs.  Let me…

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Rig Reviews & Rigs

RIG REVIEW: 5 Stars – Animation Mentor Squirrel Rig

The new Squirrel Rig from Animation Mentor is about the most appealing and easy to use rig I have see out there for free!  All you have to do to get this rig as sign up here. ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 Stars – Animation Mentor Squirrel Rig  I give this rigs 5 Stars because it is solidly built, appealing and they provide extra tutorials to explain how to animate it and how to animate videos to create a hop with overlap.  Talk…

Animus Rig
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Rig Reviews & Rigs

RIG REVIEW: 3 Stars – Animus Rig

Rigging Demo Reel from Nick Miller on Vimeo.  Animus Rig (short) from Nick Miller on Vimeo. Download the Animus Rig ☆☆☆ 3 Stars – I cannot give this rig any higher than 3 stars because I just cannot get over the IK foot.  No toe or ball roll makes animating the feet really difficult.  But!  This is a solid create rig with a lot of controls that is fairly easy to figure out. PINS:  This rig has pins which is a…

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Rig Reviews & Rigs

RIG REVIEW: 4 Stars – Free Rig from AM – Stewart!

In case you live under a rock and don’t know, AM has released a really kewl rig, FOR FREE! Stewart ☆☆☆☆ 4 Stars – I encourage my students to sign up and get this free rig at USC.  There is no facial, only 3 fingers, no toes… but it is a clean rig that is great for body mechanics and pantomime shots. Update 10/29:  This rig has some serious gimbal lock issues on the shoulders.  There is a gimbal lock…

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RIG REVIEW: 2 Stars – Long Winter Studios Rigs Are Really Bad

☆☆  2 Stars –  I cannot give this rig any more than 2 Stars because it has some serious issues. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY Long Winter Studios has some new rigs for sale on their site. I was hoping to use them with my students at USC, but I asked for some specific revisions and Long Winter will not add the most basic of controls for teaching. One of my MFA students paid the 75$ for the Tom rig to…