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New Luna Rig – FREE!

New Luna Rig – FREE! I have’t tested it yet, but here is a new rig released by Adien Dendra.  Once I test it with my students and it passes, I will add it to the approved rig list.  Comment with your notes on how you think it works and strengths and weaknesses! Looks to me like she can go off model quickly which makes it hard to teach with this rig with beginners.  Her fingers are designed poorly – too…

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Thinking Animation – New Maya Rigs Section

Every day riggers are releasing more and more really well-done rigs for FREE! So, I have re-worked my Maya Rig section to accommodate. The rigs listed in the Maya section on the left menu have all been tested at some point by myself and/or my students. These are the rigs I recommend. I have separated the rigs by the level of detail and controls. Simple rigs are separated under NEWBIE. The more intermediate level rigs are under JUNIOR – BIPED and…

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Fan Made Elsa Rig

Well this is one way to prove you got the chops to work on a feature.  Spiel Kind documented the entire process from modeling to rigging on a CG talk thread . He breaks down the rig by explaining how many blend shapes went into it… “27 blendshapes, which I divided up and/or mirrored into 90 total shapes. On top of that I also have a joint-rig though, which is responsible for the jaw/lips- and eyelid-setup.”…

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Tutorial: Walk Cycle Through Space

Tutorial: Walk Cycle Through Space – Angie Jones from angie jones on Vimeo. To get the rig go here – This tutorial explains how to create a walk cycle through space – NOT IN PLACE! . Learning how to create a walk cycle through space will save you a large amount of time when you have to make a character or create change momentum, climb, walk and run over uneven terrain.It also teaches you about the real weight shift in…

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New Free Rigs from Cogswell College

Henry and Caroline are named after Cogswell College’s founder and his wife New free character rigs from the Digital Art and Animation students at Cogswell College in San Jose, as part of the school’s in-house character programme, Project Avatarah. Caroline Rig Henry Rig Dragon Rig The bipedal characters feature full facial rigs, as well as detailed clothing control and secondary motion. IK/FK switching for limbs and spine Ability to change the parents of controls mid-animation using space-switching Rotation orders are set…

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New Free Malcolm Rig is Online Today

Announcing: Today AnimSchool releases our Malcolm 2.0 rig to the general public! Malcolm 2.0 is a re-rigged version of our popular Malcolm rig, now with lots of wardrobe and hairstyle options. To download Malcolm 2.0, visit Note the Terms of Use…

Mr Buttons
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New Free Rig – Mr. Buttons

  I haven’t had a chance to truly test this rig yet, but I will be introducing it to my students to see how solid it is.  By the looks of this demo, it’s seems very flexible!  I will this rig to the “Rigs That Don’t Suck” section once it has been tested. Downloads Mr. Buttons – Rigs Final animation – ‘Blind Date’…

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Learning – Constraint Tutorials

Constraint Demo 1: The Basics from David Latour on Vimeo. The first video in a series explaining how an animator uses basic constraints within Maya for manipulating props and characters. Constraint Demo 2: Prop to Hand from David Latour on Vimeo. A five minute video showing how to set up a basic prop to hand constraint. Uses Josh Burton’s Morphy rig. Constraint Demo 3: Hand to Prop from David Latour on Vimeo. A 4 minute video showing how to set…