AninetFest Winner - Ed by Taha Neyestani

AninetFest Award

The festival ends 12th of March 2017.

A tribute to all life drawing models, and to the passion of the craft; exploring form, figure, life and all that lies within. 4th-year thesis film done at Sheridan college. Animated in Photoshop.


Third Year Group Film - Sheridan College
That's Boss Productions

James Ghio | Kanako Iwata | Nathan Dewey | Luke Smith | Aaron Fryer | Emily Choi | Jason Burch | Anton Wong | Chris Gallant | Ibrahim El-Dulaimi | Michael Huerto

Mentor: Tony Tarantini
Music: Nick Randall

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James Ghio
Luke Smith
Kanako Iwata
Nathan Dewey
Emily Choi
Ibrahim El-Dulaimi

Stay Positive

4th year film, done in Maya.

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Music - Singing in the Rain (public domain)
Body Rig with Rapid rig Advanced
Business Man rig - David O'reilly

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Special thanks to;
Ruby Poon
Jade Armstrong
Christine Biala

My Mentor Blair Kitchen

Created at Sheridan College.

New Neighbor

Alan Cook has just moved in next door to me in Venice Beach and he sent me a link to his blog. He is a student at Sheridan who is taking the summer off to kicking it in Venice.

I placed a some of his work here to maybe bring a little balance after the posting about Industry Day at Sheridan. I really like his angular line quality and different styles to his work. I didn't personally attend Sheridan's Industry Day, but since Nick's post created such a hub bub...I thought it might be good to showcase a student whose work looks good to me. Just always trying to put a positive spin on things. Although there isn't much actual animation there to judge, I love his mouse designs too for his short film that he and his fellow students are developing.