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Behind the Scenes – VFX of ‘Deadpool’

The text below was written by John Fusco at No Film School It took the collaboration of several studios to pull off this year’s best visual effects. Too often with recent entries into the superhero canon, it feels like we’re being ruthlessly beaten over the head by CGI effects. This year, Tim Miller’s Deadpool proved the rare exception. Watching the film, the VFX blend seamlessly into the action and go virtually unnoticed. And this wasn’t any accident. Prior to his big…

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The Biz – Animators Don’t Animate, Andy Serkis Does it All… Says the Serkis Clown

This guy is a piece of work. I will be surprised if he can staff his new project with the comments he makes in the press.  If you are a digital artist and accept a position on The Jungle Book remake for Warner Brothers, you have no reason to complain about being unappreciated, treated like a wrist or undermined for your efforts.  I understand animators do not win Oscars – actors do, but Serkis’ understanding of how animation for a…

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Practical FX – WETA Makes A Mermaid

    When a 4-year-old boy approached her at the beach to ask why she had no legs, Nadya Vessey, a double-leg amputee, thought up a novel answer to satisfy the boy’s curiosity. A double amputee asks special effects company to make her a prosthetic tail. She asked, “Have you heard of The Little Mermaid?” When the boy said yes, she replied: “I am a mermaid.” The little boy ran off to tell his father, who likely chuckled at his…