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A 24-Minute Documentary on The Unsustainable VFX Industry

Hollywood’s Greatest Trick was produced by Sohail Al-Jamea and Ali Rizvi for McClatchy Video Lab, a division of the McClatchy media organization that owns dozens of newspapers around the United States. The reporting for the piece was’ done by Greg Hadley and Elizabeth Koh. It was one of the most controversial cinematic moments of 2016. In the final scene of “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” a figure shrouded in a white cloak turns, extends her hand, faces the camera…

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The ILM Perspective: Careers, Recruiting, and Industry Advice

Thursday, August 4th, 2016, 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm Thursday, August 4th, at 7:30 pm for an evening with Industrial Light & Magic at the Gnomon Stage. Generalist, Sonja “Sony” Christoph and Hard Surface Modeler, Joseph “Jay” Machado will reveal their career path stories while sharing the skills and activities that led to their landing and building successful roles at ILM in San Francisco. Recruiters, Lori Beck and Jennifer Coronado, will share the history and background of ILM, from San…

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Mike Monteiro: F*ck You, Pay Me

I apologize for the lack of posts the past month. I have been working on a previz gig for “China” (said like Trump) and it has been a lot of work. I will do some catch up over July. In the meantime, everyone should watch this video and if you need a good entertainment attorney, email me and I will send you mine. The most popular CreativeMornings talk of all time, Mike Monteiro gives us some valuable advice on how…

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10 Top Animation Job Newsletters and Feeds

I get a lot of job offers in my email box.  After working in Los Angeles so long, I don’t interview and most people know me, call me up and we strike a deal.  But, I have come to like looking through these ten job newsletters from time to time, especially when I know I have seniors graduating USC or undergrads and MFA students getting ready for internship season.  So… here are my top ten animation job newsletters you should…

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VFX in Los Angeles – 100 hour weeks & homeless

VFX in Los Angeles – 100 hour weeks & homeless Quote from Article:  ‘After a brief time out of Los Angeles chasing a lead on a job, Victor returned for an interview, “I was hired on the spot for a laughable 13 bucks an hour, but with little to no options I took it.”  This was a short-lived gig, followed by others and at times as much as a month passed between gigs.’…

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NYC Collider – June 10, 2013

missing audio in the beginning… two hours long, go get your coffee I have to apologize readers.  I posted this talk and didn’t watch it at first.  I figured it was important and should get it up on the blog even if I couldn’t take a moment to watch right away.  I sat down today to actually watch the whole thing.  What a waste of time and completely respectful to the speakers.  Out of 2 hours, there is 20 minutes…

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9 Tips For Breaking Into Feature/Visual Effects

9 Tips For Breaking Into Feature Animation and Visual Effects I had write my own version of tips to animators who want to enter feature animation and visual effects.  I found the list provide on movie line very ‘out of touch.’ 1. Develop your foundational artistic muscles as much as your technical savvy.  If you do not have an artistic eye and a creative soul, your work will only satisfy the needs of scene… and, never explore the potential of…

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What if VFX Facilities Didn’t Exist?

A friend and I were discussing the future of VFX today.  To be honest, I haven’t thought about animation much over the holiday.  I have been enjoying the time off and time to sleep and hibernate.  But… I go back into the big machine next Monday and with the news of another studio closing on the heels of the Asylum FX announcement – this is weighing on my mind again.  “Bye bye” vacation – back to reality. My colleague started…

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How NOT to hire an artist

image by Sam Taylor-Wood How NOT to hire an artist Everyone working in any creative company should read this article.   My favorite quote from the article:  How NOT to find an artist:  “Do not look for either professional artists, or an artist that has done a lot of game design work in the past.” Jon Jones:  “This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever read. Don’t hire experienced professionals? This guy must not value his time at ALL”…

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Scott Ross for President

Everyone should listen to this interview… Interview with Scott Ross This is the most articulate, solution oriented conversation I have heard yet on this subject.  If the VFX shops are awarded the money, respect, education, and deserved appreciation Ross proposes a trade organization would provide… I am confident there would be trickle down to the employees.  Ten years ago, these needs (401k, benefits, fair hiring practices) were being met.  Some shops back in the day even had car washing, dry…

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Protecting Yourself as a Freelancer

A friend of mine has posted a blog recounting the way he was treated by a studio as an artist. He documents the entire process he used to protect himself with legal correspondence over a disagreement in compensation. Epilogue Ei8ht I have several studios who still owe me money from 2007-2008 because I did not employ the documentation he used. I am not incorporated and if I had pressed with legal action against these studios, they would have owed me…

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Free Advice for Freelancers in 2009

Reflection on our Industry in 2008As 2009 approaches, reflection on the VFX/Animation industry in 2008 causes one to pause for a moment. Just about every animator I know has money owed to them from past due invoices for this past year. Including myself. The economy, no doubt, is to blame…among other things. Budgets in film, TV and commercials are lower than ever. Studios are not being paid by the client and are asking for 75% up front before even starting…