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Pitching Ideas in LA-LA Town with Darin McGowan

Gorilla Girl Contributor to the book – Darin McGowan (see previous posting) knows a thing or two about pitching stories around Los Angeles. At one point, he had sold 5 shows that were various forms of being “optioned”, “purchased” or “greenlit.” In other words, he was HOT! But alas, the first death of those shows has come to pass called Gorilla Girl and Darin decided to create a blog about it. The blog focuses on the death of that project.…

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TygerGuilherme Marcondes Angie here… This little film blew me away. I have always been fascinated by puppets…Especially the Japanese Art of Bunraku. I was able to see a few Bunraku plays when I was working in Osaka and they are sooooo moving and beautiful. A poem by a favorite poet/artist of mine William Blake is used loosely for the story. The combination of 2D, puppetry, live action and other elements is really fun to watch and the landscape reminds me…

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Ed Catmull: Pixar ‘s Superhero, Shakes Up Disney

Angie here…I saw Ed Catmull speak at NATE (National Animation Technology Expo) in 1995 and he was all excited about this new thing called Nurbs. Crazy huh? I knew back then what he was talking about was going to be huge, but had no idea what a profound influence this man had and was going to have on animation. Read this article in the LA Times about Ed Catmull! Ed believes that you should always hire people who are smarter…

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Great Books!

Howdy, Jamie here. Just finished a couple of great books. The first one is by Henry Caroselli called The Cult of the Mouse. This guy really hits the nail squarely on the head with his writings on corporate greed and the effect that it is having on innovation and creativity. He is a former Disney employee and his observations about the Eisner years are spot on ( for those of us who worked there during the time frame involved, it…

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Eric Goldberg

There is a great interview with Eric Goldberg on Animated-News.comby Christian Ziebarth 12/19/2005: “A Conversation with Eric Goldberg” Interview Eric is one of the contributors to the book and has been a major influence in my – Angie’s – growth as an animator. I am ruined now after working for him, but in a good way. I toil over every single blink, finger gesture and frame of my animations. Jamie and I are very grateful for his contributions to the…

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2D & Animated Shorts & Inspiration & The Biz

Gobelins School – Pyrats Short

Below is a short film made by some students from the Gobelins School. The Gobelins School in France is known for their great animation department. Even though it’s a public institution, it is very difficult to be accepted into this school. Gobelins students make short films as a group (usually 4 to 6 artists). They also keep the length of their films to 1 or 2 minutes. This is smart because they are able to focus on what they do…

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Glen Keane Podcast

Angie here, I sat here this afternoon folding laundry, while listening to the Glen Keane Podcast Part Two on Animation Podcast and I caught myself nodding over and over again. Part One is interesting, but Part Two really gets to the heart of things. Glen talks about his experience mentoring under the greats at Disney and how welcoming those people were. He talks about how sometimes he would just leave the studio when he would get stuck and go to…

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Inspiration & Sketches

Stuey sketches

Bringing this blog back to something animation specific…(this is Angie BTW…still trying to teach Jamie how to blog) Tonight I was going through a bunch of old sketch books…and I found one I had while I worked on Stuart Little 2. The page scanned above is from this shot on SL2 where Stuart was stuck on the soccer ball after George kicks it and the ball flies straight into camera. The end frame ends up inside Stuart’s mouth and fades…

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Artists & Inspiration

Paul Moschell

I am really into character design lately. Paul Moschell is an artist whose simplicity in design reminds me of when I worked in video games. There is a distinct style to his work and I love his color choices. There is sweet and yet melancholy feel to his art too. I love anything that changes my mood simply by looking at it. Animation should also make you feel something to be good!– Angie…

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2D & Animated Features & Animators & CG & Sketches

Stuart Little

Rob Minkoff drew this for me.I had to totally redo a shot because they had re-edited the sequence …and it was his way of saying thank you.Hell, I didn’t care, I was just so happy to be animating!!! Stuart Little was one of my most favorite shows, because it was a sequel. When you work on a sequels everyone KNOWS who (the character) IS! In this case – the mouse – had already been through one movie and so the…