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Why to Carry a Sketchbook

I have posted this guy’s blog here before,but I just love what he has to say…so read it– I dare you! here is a taste… of Mark Kennedy’s thoguhts on sketchbooks “Any real sketchbook is full of misfires, false starts and stumbles, with a few successes sprinkled here and there. If you were capable of doing a perfect drawing every time, you wouldn’t need to carry a sketchbook! But the quickest way to learn how to do perfect drawings is…

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Pixar Moving Into Live Action

‘Ratatouille’ has its own French accent By Glenn Whipp, Film Writer Article Launched: 04/28/2007 10:18:32 PM PDT The past two years, Brad Bird, the Oscar-winning director of Pixar Animation’s “The Incredibles,” has been watching as one talking-animal animated movie after another has come and gone in theaters. Frankly, he’s a little annoyed because he knows you’re thinking his new film, “Ratatouille,” is just another “wisecracking critters movie.” Yes, “Ratatouille” does follow a mouse who does indeed talk, but Bird says,…

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Freedom of Teach

My friend Nick Lloyd showed me these fantastic photos he took. Nick is a Modeler/TD type at DD and he uses this anatomy sculpt to study from created by the freedom of teach folks. To make these photos he put a picture frame in the freezer and shot through it as it melted. Freedom of Teach have some amazing learning tools when studying anatomy and this is always important to any artist and animator.…

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Joel Fletcher

I have just started a new position at the SideFX to help refine and present their new character tool set for version 9. To get “up to speed on the whole package…I am learning about all forms of animation, including flocking, particles, patterns – in addition to the character tools they are creating here. This experience has made me think of the animator, Joel Fletcher. Joel Fletcher is an “old school” stop-mo guy who crossed over in CG a few…

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History of Game Cinematics

When I worked at Oddworld on game cinematics, we all knew that film and games would merge one day. Most hard core gamers hate cinematics and would prefer to have instead of cut scenes…”cut game play.” But, there are still things that are difficult to show and assist in the storytelling…within the confines of the game engine today. This is changing slowly…of course, but cinematics have also proven to be a great marketing tool for games. More and more film…

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New Surf’s Up Trailer

I am so excited about this movie. I wasn’t a big fan of Open Season (except for those crazy bunnies!), but Surf’s Up has won my heart. Even though penguins seem to be the trend in animation today…SPA is kicking butt from what I can tell with this movie. Finally a bunch of characters that hold their own personality, character design and body language. Each penguin has a style all his own through its design, weight, hair and persona. I…

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FJORG! – Animation Competition at Siggraph 07

Sounds like these guys are gonna dress up like vikings and yell at you or have a mini war while you try and animate…could be fun? ~Angie FJORG! Attention CG animators: The best CG animators in the world are invited to participate in the first international FJORG! competition – an iron animator event to be launched at SIGGRAPH 2007. Competing teams will be called on to try to create the best character-driven animation the world has ever seen, within a…

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User Based Content – Make your own worlds!

For those of you unfamiliar with the new media content that are arising with the Internet, your phone, etc. Let me tell you about some really kewl stuff. #1 Ever heard of Second LifeRemember Everquest?The Sims? Well Second Life is like that…but on acid! Imagine you can create and build worlds, build your own persona, interact with other people and even sell virtual land, wares, clothing, just about anything you can build…? there is an e-commerce there for you. Millions…

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The Doubtful Guest

The world of Edward Gorey is coming to the big screen for the first time thanks to Walden Media, Fox 2000 and the Jim Henson Co., which are joining forces to adapt the illustrator-writer’s classic tale “The Doubtful Guest.” Brad Peyton will direct the live-action feature, with a script written by Matthew Huffman. Gorey, who died in 2000 at age 75, was an artist and writer known for his macabre bent, with works that had an ominous and somewhat Victorian…

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Raccoom and Crawfish

The animation is not the best I have ever seen, but I love that these independent filmmakers are telling a story that teaches morals, rather than just trying to sell toys for yet another franchise. The Oneida Indian Nation’s Four Directions Prods. created an eight-minute film based on one of its ancient legends, The Raccoon and the Crawfish. The short will have its world premiere on April 18 at the Syracuse International Film Festival. Raccoon and Crawfish Press Conference –…

CG & Geek Stuff

Z Brush

Yep – these are CG images. I remember when it was difficult to build a model in 3D that looked photo real because of the need for detail. The artist has to use displacement maps and other tricks just to get wrinkles and imperfections into the mesh. Advances in ZBrush are pretty amazing. Although sometimes I think artist put too much detail into models with this tool, simply because they can…this video and these images are stunning. ZBrush Video…

Animated Features & CG & Disney & News

Creative Forces Behind Meet The Robinsons

Based on the William Joyce illustrated book, Meet The Robinsons features a retro style influenced by everything from Technicolor movies to ‘40s architectural design. All images © Disney Enterprises Inc. All rights reserved.Meet The Robinsons: Keep Moving Forward at DisneyBill Desowitz speaks with some of the creative forces behind Disney’s latest animated feature, Meet The Robinsons. March 30, 2007By Bill Desowitz The theme of Meet The Robinsons (opening March 30) aptly ties directly to Walt Disney’s own philosophy: “… We…

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Draw No Matter Where You Are!

So, It’s been almost a year since Jamie and I started this blog and well, it’s really me doing the writing here. Jamie reads the blog regularly and sends me emails when he really digs a post, but since (as a storyboard artist) he doesn’t actually sit in front of a computer anymore…it’s just not convenient for him to post. So, since it’s really MY blog 🙂 – I wanted to add some more personal posts. Here goes… I went…

Funny & Geek Stuff

A mouse for animator chicks!

I just love Shiny Shiny. They have the kewlest gadgets geared for girls. Look at these new computer mice! The new mice from SolidAlliance. The Shiny-Shiniest of the lot is of course the one encrusted with sparkle, the Choikawadeco Mouse (which means, “a little bit cute”). Described as “fashion” mice, they do look preposterously uncomfortable to use, like a drag queen version of the justly reviled Apple hockey puck mouse – but I suppose if being “a little bit cute”…

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The Making of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

The Modern Mechanix blog has an incredible, five-page spread about the making of Snow White, from the January 1938 issue of Popular Science. Modern Mechanix scans old science mags and posts them in high-res, along with transcripts of the article.Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs A Famous Fairy Tale Is Brought to the Screen as the Pioneer Feature-Length Cartoon in Color By ANDREW R. BOONE BEHIND the black walls of an air-conditioned Hollywood studio laboratory, the shutter on a strange…

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Massive Black

Okay if you are sitting there on overhead, artist in waiting or just waiting on a playblast? Boy have I got a post to keep you busy and get you inspired! I have had my eye on these guys for some time. I have got to give some props to Massive Black and Jason Manley. Massive Black is a full production artwork and asset outsourcing studio. This is where studios go – outside of their internal artists – to find…