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VFX In India: Rapidly Maturing

We have been hearing over the years about the new studios established in India and how they have been producing better and better special efx and visuals. Until now, none of these studios were allowed to put up the work for anyone to see. The article below describes how Bollywood is making their mark and has gained the confidence of the big production studios in the states. You can even see some of the work if you have the quicktime…

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Talking-animal movies are ruining my life

Talking-animal movies are ruining my lifeOur feisty columnist has some advice for Hollywood studio executives By Dave White MSNBC Updated: 12:31 p.m. PT Nov 1, 2006 Dear Hollywood, Why are you so lame? Why don’t you have a single original idea left in your collective head? Why do you hate audiences? Why do you continue to crank out by-the-numbers animated films that hold ticket-buying families and animation fans in contempt while trying to sell them tie-in merchandise at the same…

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There is an interesting article Jerry Beck brought up on his blog cartoonbrew and I don’t usually like to repeat posts, but in case folks are unaware…There has been a lot of talk of the mystery of female animators at Disney, or lack there of. The Mystery of the female Disney Animator Here is just brief bit about Rhetta Scott – the animator Wade Sampson talks about most in his article – or at least info I could find on…

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Jessica Borutski Blog and Animated Short

Jessica Borutski has a really nice style, love her pug character and this little animated film is so cute! Jessica wrote on her blog about this little film:“I made this film early last spring. It has no story really. I just animated to the music. When the music changed the scene changed. It was just for fun.I did get selected for Nick Toons and the Ottawa International Anim Fest,Res Fest and a few other festivals.” I Like Pandas…

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David Zweig Art Blog

I REALLY Dig this guy’s work~! He has inspired me to draw more todayhe has so many mediums and styles! David…I am your biggest fan…~Angie From his first post on the blog:“…i work in a variety of mediums and styles, because i’ve always believed that the more one can do, the more gigs they can get. for the most part, i’ll be focusing on character work; but occassionally, i may drop in some of my web, graphic, vis dev, or…

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Cars Screening with John Lasseter

Join us for this rare opportunity with John Lasseter in person RSVPs are now open This invitation is non-transferable. invites you and your family or friends (limit 4)to a very special screening and Q&A featuring Director John Lasseter;Supervising Technical Director Eben Ostby andProduction Designer Bob PauleyWednesday, November 17:30 pm Q&A immediately following the film featuring:Director John Lasseter;Supervising Technical Director Ebem Ostby;Production Designer Bob Pauley CARS Leonard H. Goldenson TheatreAt the Television Academy5230 Lankershim Blvd.North Hollywood(just north of the intersection of…

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Flushed Away Clips

Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks Animation continue with their marketing push for Flushed Away with several clips from the upcoming CG film. Flushed Away releases on November 3rd. FeaturetteLots of behind the scene footage of voice overactors and animators working. ClipsThis french frog will make you laugh out loud! The Persuader’s alive! Funny stuff! Thanks to Rick May for hacking these links……

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Animators & Podcasts

Will Vinton Podcast

Here is an audio interview with Claymation legend Will Vinton. In the interview, Will talks about his favorite projects, his inspirations, some of his current projects, and has some advice for people just getting started in the animation industry. Download the MP3 file here. approx: 27 minutes. To see more of Will’s work, click here to visit his site. Thanks to frederator blog…

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Last Day at Henson

Angie again – Jamie is swimming with sharks this weekend. Pray for him that he doesn’t get eaten. Its my last day at Henson, today. This was just a quick and dirty gig (2 weeks). For those of you who haven’t realized it yet – I am a muppet freak. Even though the muppets no longer reside here at Henson Studios (sold to Disney), there are puppets and puppeteers walking the grounds all the time and it has me thinking.…