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MAKING OF – SALES GOSSES ! from Alexis Kerjosse on Vimeo.

This film is about a rapacious dad exceeded its brats!
It’s the story of an eagle dad, exceeded By His annoying kids!

CG animation short film directed by a team of five students of 4th year. This film deals in a humorous way with the annoyance of a rapacious dad in the face of the incessant chattering of his young. It is characterized by its cartoon rendering and by its fixed and unique framework that reinforces a theatrical staging. He values ​​an enormous work of acting and animation. Presented to the professional jury post graduate in June 2013, this film received the congratulations of the jury.

Finally, here is the making of / here is the making of:

Film team:

Alexis Kerjosse – (Réalisation / Animation) –
Hassan Bensmaine – (Rigg / Animation) –
Emmanuelle Ngan Sing – (Compositing artist) –
Marine Villette – (Colorscript / Animation ) –
Delphine Zombo – (Animation) –


Antoine Duchêne –

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