iAnimate Student Spotlight – Rod Dimayuga

Rodolfo Dimayuga was a joy to teach at iAnimate. I seriously looked forward to his submissions every time we met. He also pushed past the basic criteria of a closeup for acting and added psycho logic gesture and attitude beyond the original acting clip had.

Rod took my WS4 – Facial and Dialog Acting Class Summer of 2013. He did two great pieces with me in that class and I show the work on my WS4-5 student example reel as some of the best.

(Clips are on the reel above)
1 – Chief Orman clip.
2 – Passed Gas clip.

Rod is normally a humble shy guy, but when he created reference for his shots the true thespian came out. He also entertained my idea of using other student performances when he animated the female character and chose the best selects from that to work from for his animations. Rod has been hired at Rainmaker now, and I wish his all the best in his career.  He is very talented and will go far.