Learning and Working in the Collaborative Age: A New Model for the Workplace

Pixar University’s improv coach – Randy Nelson – gave a lecture about Collaboration and Perfection. He makes connections to improv to introduce his ideas on collaboration as a solution for success in the workplace.

I attended the Improv Conservatory at Bang Studio back in 2003 for over a year. Improv taught me more than any formal classes in school. I learned about myself personally and professionally. One of the best lessons is how to heighten a scene. I think society teaches us to resist and for our first instincts to be negative to new ideas, in general. Improv says you must accept every idea in order to take the scene to a new level. Otherwise, the scene or idea simply dies. By accepting the ideas put forth, you will push the envelop of what we think CG animation can be!

Nelson has some great points in this talk. He says…”Depth, Breadth, Communication and Collaboration” create a solid CG Artist. I couldn’t agree more.

I have run into many an animator who can rattle off every bit of his understanding of animation easily, but do they have understanding of anything else that brings a deeper take on what he is animating???

Without a breadth of experience on both artistic and technical, the same animator will not have creative solutions to the obstacles we all run into in production.

Communication is one lacking often in CG. Understanding how to communicate your ideas effectively without stomping out anyone else’ voice is so very important.

And, finally collaboration is the key to CG because none of the work would be completed without every artists being involved. It’s one of the most collaborative industries I have ever experienced.


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