Portfolio and Demo Reel Advice



  • Most studios prefer to receive online submissions. So, have all of your materials updated and ready for upload at all times on your computer.
  • Several people will review your portfolio, so having it online will allow them to evaluate it in a timelier manner.
  • It’s also more environmentally friendly to submit your work online, and you don’t have to worry about expensive printing costs!
  • Physical reels and resumes will not be returned do not send originals, EVER!
  • Have everything on your website so you can submit direct links to content.
  • Password protect any content that is not meant for the general public.
  • Do not show any work that is still under an NDA and has not been released.


  • Demo reels should be no more than 4 minutes in length.
  • Put your best work first, since (as they say) you only have one chance to make a first impression.
  • Your reel and/or portfolio should give examples of your abilities and style – don’t be afraid to highlight what truly makes you shine!
  • Keep download sizes small so your reel loads quickly but do not compress content so it is pixelated or the sound clips.
  • You should only include material that is approved for release.
  • Last tip on this: specify within your video exactly what you worked on for each shot in your overlay on the reel in addition to providing a credit list.


  • Art doesn’t begin and end with a Wacom tablet.
  • Include traditional work such as life drawings and concept art (as long as they pertain to the position you’re applying for).


  • A shot breakdown/credit list is a MUST!
  • Include an explanation of what you did and describe what software you used to achieve the effects.
  • I like to also include credits in the overlay so the viewer doesn’t have to look down at the credit list while viewing the reel.
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