The Eleven Rig - FREE

The Eleven Rig is my favorite rig to teach newbies with because the math and controls are clean and do not break. This rig is also very simple with out a bunch of unnecessary controls.

The download link below points to my “fixed version” of the rig which works in Maya 2014 or higher. If you want the original rig, go here.

People think it is funny that I still use this rig after so many years… but you can alter it to male or female, the math on the legs is accurate where a walk cycle doesn’t limp (which is more than I can say for many rigs out there), it has pins for the knees and elbows which I find lacking on many rigs offered and finally the facial is directly on the face and not some GUI on the side which I prefer. I hate moviong controls hoping it will make the shape I need like some remote control setup. This rig works well for both facial and body mechanics. Rig by Chris Donnelly