The Jasmine Rose Rig FREE

The Jasmine Rose Rig has just been released. She is appealing for close up animation but her anime proportions can make body mechanics shots difficult for newbie animators.  I am not saying she cannot do body mechanics shots, you can see for yourself in the demo below she can… you just need to know how to create appeal when the legs are so long and the shins are as long or longer than the thighs.

She opens in Maya with ALL of her controls turned on, so my advice is to go through the PLUS SIGN controllers and turn the deformers off to make it easy on yourself. The rig comes with a picker so be sure to install that. He explains how 5 minutes into the demo video below. JasmineRose is a collaborative project done by friends – Model done by Mohammed el-demerdash (, Animation by Ahmed Hasaneen ( ), and Rig Done by Ahmed Shalaby (