The Koala Rig FREE

The Koala Bob Rigi is an “ok” rig. This rig has serious issues with the legs, especially if you put them in FK mode. The deforms are a bit weird on the body and it is difficult to get this rig into a seated position. I had a student try to make him dance and this also was quite challenging. In addition, the squash and stretch doesn’t respect volume so you have to work at it to keep the rig from feeling like it it is made of jello. You can see by the “Ah-Ha” example below that he goes off model pretty quickly on the body so you have to understand how to create appealing shapes.  not the best rig for a beginner.

This is why this rig is listed last. It could be a great rig and has a lot of character to it, but it really needs work. I am not saying you cannot get a good performance out of this rig. I am just saying you need to be an experienced animator to get appeal. This rig works best for close up shots for dialog. The rig comes with a picker and a library of facial poses. Rig by Josh Sobel