The Lily Rig FREE

The Lily Rig is a fun and appealing character rig, but take note of the obstacle presented by the very large head before you try to animate any extreme body mechanics shots with this character. The leg controls break easily too, so you will have to create trickery in your poses to get her to move right.

Lily is designed to interact with her cohort Snout and is a game styled character design. This rig has major appeal and her textures can be changed to make multiple Lily characters that work together but I wish there was a node that properly scaled her entire head. Her head really needs to be about 20% smaller but if an animator could even scale it to go in and out of extreme poses to get better silhouettes, this would be a powerful feature. As it is, you can see how animators have solved the problem of creating solid silhouettes with the design. the arms are stretched passed certain points and moved behind her to make poses read. She also has a weird foot solver.  I could not get her foot break to work correctly so you will have to massage this control to get the shapes you want.

Rig by Artella