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F.A.Q. – Thinking Animation Workshops


  • Do you dream of becoming a professional animator one day?
  • Are you working on your own short film and need a fresh pair of eyes?
  • Are you applying to animation schools and universities and need some guidance?
  • Are you in between terms at one of the online animation schools and need guidance to get your work to polished?
  • Have you sent your demo reel out to studios but haven’t heard anything back?

The Workshops

Thinking Animation has the perfect fit for the animation newbie to expert needs with the Breakie, Power Lunch and Snack Bite Sessions. If you’re an animation student trying to navigate your career towards becoming a professional animator or animation director, you’ll need an impressive demo reel or short film. If you a working animator who just cannot seem to get that gig at the studio of your dreams, you need a demo that shows a specific skillset. If you are a high school student or undergrad trying to get into an animation program, you need a savvy approach and solid portfolio to make your application stand out.

The animation industry is more competitive than ever. Start here, at Thinking Animation, to make your dreams come true.


  • The Sessions last 30-180 minutes, depending on which you choose.
  • Choose the type of session you want from my shop.
  • The Sessions happen live via Zoom.
  • I am not running a school, so you will not receive a grade for the session.
  • I tailor each time we meet towards your specific goals.
  • After you sign up, I will contact you within 24 hours to schedule a meeting.
  • It’s important you prepared for the review session.  When I contact you, I might ask for specific materials.
  • I prefer H.264 compressed movies make it easy for me to go frame by frame in your work.
  • Dropbox or Google Drive are acceptable places to provide files.
  • LOGIN: I recommend you log in 10 minutes early to make sure your camera and mic are working and your files are accessible.
  • RECORDING: I will record the session but I encourage you to have a pen and notebook available.
The Thinking Animation Sessions provide feedback from an animator/supervisor with over 20 years professional experience in features, games and commercials. I have worked as a professional animator on sixteen films, twenty commercials, over thirty video games, and several ride films and music videos. My film and commercial work include Oscar-winning films, two Clios and one VES award. I have worked on numerous productions including: “Stuart Little 2,” “Pan’s Labyrinth,” “Smurfs,” and ” X2″ to name just a few.

I am Assistant Professor of Practice in Animation and advisor for the BA and MFA programs at the University of Southern California, School of Cinematic Arts, John C. Hench Division of Animation and Digital Arts. In addition to USC, I have taught at the Gnomon School of VFX, iAnimate Advanced Animation Training School and she served on the LA Film School Advisory Board for the Animation and VFX program.

This is a unique “one-to-one” experience with a seasoned professional and a sincere critique.

***I encourage you to check out the student testimonials section of the site for more on my input as an animation instructor.

Each meeting is 30 -120 minutes, depending on the session you choose.
This is not a school.  I only provide “one-on-one” critiques and advice.
How should you upload your content? You just send me a link to your downloadable file.  The link can be from your personal website, a video site like Vimeo, or Dropbox/GoogleDrive. It MUST BE downloadable.

I recommend that you export your reel as a QuickTime file with H.264 compression.
If your work is up to 1-2 minutes long and its file size is 500-600 MB, use a better codec/compression.
Choose a resolution around 640*480 or 1280*720.

  • I realize Quicktime is no longer being supported by Apple, but for now, I prefer that format.
  • You need QuickTime Pro to export files with compression.
  • Open your .mov file with QuickTime 7. (QuickTime 10 doesn’t have the pro option.)
  • Choose File – Export – Options – Under ‘Compression Type’ choose H.264.
  • File size is crucial.
  • I don’t need super high-quality images to assess your work.
  • Try not to make your reel bigger than 200-250 MB. MAX!
  • If you prefer not to post your reel online, upload it to Vimeo and password protect it.
  • Just remember to send me the password.
  • To password protect your reel using Vimeo go to Settings – Privacy – Choose Password protected – set a password
Pricing is listed in the store.

Email me at for a quote for something different and more details

I currently accept payment via Paypal. You do not have to have a paypal account and can use a regular credit card at the prompts.


You need a computer with access to the internet, a Zoom account, and be able to create a Quicktime movie.
  • Anyone who wants professional guidance on their animation work.
  • Students with reel questions or help with a WIP piece.
  • Working professionals in need of reel and career advice.
  • Newbie animators trying to get into an animation program (undergrad and MFA levels).
  • *** Sessions are catered to your needs.
  • Absolutely!!
  • Is there a limit to how many times I can sign up?
  • No!! You can sign up as many times and as often as you’d like.
  • I live in Los Angeles, CA.  That is Pacific Time Zone.
  • This is a neat graphic site to figuring out time zones.  Pacific is listed under San Francisco.
  • You live in a different time zone than I live in, can I still sign up? Yes! You can sign up from anywhere in the world. When it comes time for your live critique, I will arrange a time that works both for you and myself so no one is getting up in the middle of the night.  I am available during times in the middle of the day during the week as well as evenings and weekends.
If you have any other questions, you may contact me

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