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A Study of Creature Animation in Film and Games

I disagree with this guy,Jalil Sadool, COMPLETELY.

There IS a HUGE difference between creating creature animation for film and games.

I disagree with his assessment that it doesn’t make a difference between the the final output expectations.

There IS a BIG difference in the animation itself between these genres.  I am currently working on the feature Avatar and the animation production process is very specific.

The game and feature labels definitely apply to the approach to creating the animation.

In general on difference is game animation does not have camera set to animate to, play up to or amplify the performance to and in games you must create work that looks good from all angles. Of course, the work for feature should look good in the round or it will be obvious from the camera angle it is off balance or physics are wrong. However, in features you can design the performance around the camera.  This is just ONE HUGE difference.

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  1. Steven

    Jalil’s lecture is about how the fundamental skills as an animator, allow the animator to switch between games, tv and feature. It provides a similar challenge in the same way as switching between realistic and cartoony animation. Its something I have seen/heard different animators talk about.

    Your example of camera angles is actually what Jalil talks about in his lecture. Therefore, it seems you agree with him.

    • Angie Jones

      I couldn’t disagree more. The talent pool for games is nothing like creating creature work for films. The fundamental skills to create punch, kill, die are very different from a feature performance. Cartoony and photorealistic animation is also very different and I have experienced first hand hiring an animator for worked on LOTR for years who could not do a cartoony performance to save his life. I completely disagree that it is the same in any way between style or genre of output.

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