Learning – Ten Things to Think About – #10 Commit

10 Things to Think About – from the book Thinking Animation by Angie Jones and Jamie Oliff.
This is one of the lectures I use at the online school ianimate.net.  I created this list for my book Thinking Animation to help animators create a clear and solid message with their work.  I will post the 10 Things to Think About over the course of the next 10 weeks.  ~Enjoy!

# 10 Commit:
  • Commit to selling your ideas 100%. Show land of the lost clip.
  • Mechanics should be second nature to you by the time you call yourself an animator. There is a lot to being able to make premeditated decisions about, “I am going to be here at a certain time; I am committing to this.”  
  • Creating a believable, feeling character that will make your audience cry takes commitment to the ideas you decided on. 
Will Ferrel understand what it is to commit.  He is always 110% the character he plays.  Above he believes he is an Elf from the North Pole and one of Santa’s biggest fans and closest friends.  Do you believe his performance?  Of course you do because he believes it and is encapsulating 100% what an elf in that circumstance would do.