Ten Things to Think About – #8 Honesty

10 Things to Think About – from the book Thinking Animation by Angie Jones and Jamie Oliff.
This is one of the lectures I use at the online school ianimate.net.  I created this list for my book Thinking Animation to help animators create a clear and solid message with their work.  I will post the 10 Things to Think About over the course of the next 10 weeks.  ~Enjoy!

#8  Honesty:

  • A shy character would never jump out front and center and do a dance, and an angry character wouldn’t act sympathetically to other characters.
  •  A great example of honesty is the cartoon character – Bugs Bunny.  Making Bugs looks stupid and inept is just too far out of character for him.  He is always in control even if he is losing.
  • In contrast to Bugs Bunny’s cool sarcastic ways is the wacky, hyper and high-strung – never be nonchalant about things that happen in the story – Daffy Duck.
When characters act against who they are and what they believe in,
it kills the illusion and makes the acting and story weak.

Bug’s Life Bloopers show commitment to character and honesty.  You can find honesty ideas for your acting if you think of your character as a friend of yours.  If you picture going out and having beers with your character you get to really know who they are and how they would react to things.