Tools and Resources for a Short Film!

From pipeline, rendering, and motion here are links to tools you need.

ArtStation: My go to place to find great artists to help with concept art, character design or look development for any project.

Artella: Same here, but Artella also offers a specific community for CG films and a platform to store your files that anyone else in the Artella community can access to get started on your project.

TurboSquid: Is the first place I look for solid Maya Sets and Environments.  Don’t forget to change the price to your range (even if your range is a max of $0) and compatibility of .mb or .obj.

More 3D Model Sites: A more comprehensive list of websites with free or priced models to buy.

Synch Sketch: Synch Sketch is a powerful tool to communicate notes with your artists on your films and the pricing is reasonable!

Free Account: Forever free for individuals …because we believe artists should not need pay for creating non-commercial work! Free includes all of these features: 1 Account Member, 1 Project, 1 GB Data, 5 uploads per week, 300MB File Size Limit, Unlimited Reviewers.

Starter Early Bird Special! Regular price: $15/$8 – Perfect for small studios or freelancers working with clients!

Starter includes: Everything in Free and: 3 Account Members, 5 Projects, 10 GB Data, unlimited uploads, private, secured videos

RGB Notes: Another powerful tool that provides annotations for artists on clips uploaded. I find the process of uploading a little easier with synch sketch.  RGB Notes Freelance level allows more artists and reviews than Synch Sketch.

Basic/ Perfect for the casual collaborator: Anyone can use RGBnotes free of charge at any time. You can always securely view and comment on any media shared with you, and share a limited amount of personal files. With your RGB account, you can easily be added to unlimited projects hosted by any ‘Studio’ accounts.


Freelancer/ Designed for the individual user: This plan, with high-capacity media uploads, is perfect for individuals who need an easy and affordable way to share media with peers on a regular basis. As with the ‘Basic’ plan, you can be added as a member to unlimited ‘Studio’ projects.

HIGH-CAPACITY UPLOADS, UNLIMITED MEDIA REVIEWS, UNLIMITED PROJECTS MEMBERSHIPS, DOWNLOADABLE FILES Another Online Review Tool – Starter Plan: For individual freelancers with a handful of clients at any given time, 3 projects, 10 GB storage, 10 Collaborators, No team members, $15 /MO.

A few more review tools that are out there.  I have not used these and they seem a little high in pricing but maybe you get more value?

Filestage –

Screenlight –

Vidhub –

Wipster –

Redshift: Is my preferred render choice for Maya. It’s so pretty and so fast I cannot choose to use another to create short films.

GPU Oven: Offers his farm which saved me on my recent 6K render deadline using redshift.  His farm is GPU heavy to support the tech.