Facial Reference Library (FRL)

FRL is presented in 3 ways:

  1. Emoticons of the lines of action in the face that move during the pose
  2. Text that describes more in depth the intent behind the pose
  3. Photos grabbed from google and websites that illustrate the pose in reality

    This library is a collection of emotional states that will help you target exactly what your character is feeling for the expression sheets. Disney used to say "The mind is the pilot." Remember that every EXTERNAL is based on what is going on INTERNALLY. Some emotions are mixed together to create now ones like: Disgust + Anger = Loathing .

    EMOTICON KEY: Each emotion gets to the heart of the line of actions in the face. These emoticons illustrate the lead/energy is being held. When observing leads in the action...focus on the places when all energy is dropped completely. The quiet places make room for the intent behind an expression.

    AngerIcon.jpg AnticipationIcon.jpg BraveIcon.jpg
    Anger Anticipation Brave

    CommandingIcon.jpg ConceitIcon.jpg ContemptIcon.jpg
    Commanding Conceit Contempt

    DareIcon.jpg DeviousIcon.jpg DisgustIcon.jpg
    Dare Devious Disgust

    DoubtIcon.jpg FearIcon.jpg InterestIcon.jpg
    Doubt Fear Interest

    JoyIcon.jpg LoathingIcon.jpg PleadingIcon.jpg
    Joy Loathing Pleading

    PrideIcon.jpg QuestioningIcon.jpg RageIcon.jpg
    Pride Questioning Rage

    SadnessIcon.jpg SarcasmIcon.jpg SmirkIcon.JPG
    Sadness Sarcasm Smirk

    StubbornIcon.jpg SurpriseIcon.jpg WiseIcon.jpg
    Stubborn Surprise Wise