Animation Reference Sites

Body Mechanics Reference for Animation

Body Mechanics: When working on a heavy body mechanics shot it is imperative you get some sort of reference to rely on for weight shifts and timing.  Inventing will not create believable motion.  Below, are links to motion clips with heavy body mechanics references.

Acting Selects for Animation

Acting Clips for Dialog: Looking for that perfect select from a movie, tv show, radio play or reality clip that will support your animation dialog tests?  See the links below.

Audio Only Links for Acting Selects

Audio Only Sites: I encourage my students to find the original clip, sop they have some context for the original delivery of the lines, but looking through these libraries might offer some selects you had not thought of exploring and later you can get the video of the original clip to match the audio take you like. You can, of course, create new context for any audio clip, but it is much more helpful to at least see the original acting performance first.

Books and Websites on Acting for Animation

Walk Cycle Video References

It is always better to make your own video references for a walk cycle, but if you are in a pinch… here are some good ones.


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