Kyle Bunk McCree Pixel Art

Kyle Bunk McCree Pixel Art

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Timing For Animation Gif

showing weight through timing


It's too bad his ears are covered up because you can really see the difference with ears...

it feels like they go behind your head and come forward depending on the lens.

Animated Gif of the Week: Girls Don't Fart

I have no idea who made this but it is awesome...

Sneeze Test

I used to give my students the assignment of a sneeze test.

Then, they said it was too hard so I dumped it.

Thinking about bringing it back... there are so many nice subtle things that happen with a sneeze.

Animated Gif - Milt Kahl



Beaultiful Arcs...


“So good to see you, Georges.”

Original Drawings by Milt Kahl


(Source: clarabellecow)