12 Angry Men- A Lesson in Staging


So, let's say you've got a 90-minute movie that features twelve characters and is all set in one location. How on earth can you shoot it in a way that's unique and exciting, and not just an endless series of mids and closeups? Let's dive into Sidney Lumet's 12 Angry Men, and study what it has to tell us about scenic density.

Six Ways to Build Scenic Density:

1) Move your characters through the spaces inside the frame
2) Have the background and foreground interract
3) Let characters take over shots
4) Move from one story to the next instead of cutting
5) Allow conversations and reactions to play in the same shot
6) Hold off on closeups for moments of prime emphasis

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Sources/Further Reading:

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Recreating Game Of Thrones' Dragon Battle


might be a spoiler if you are not up to speed on GOT...



Shot By Shot
Film : Jaws
Director : Steven Spielberg

Scene Breakdowns : Brody wakes up and leaves 2:10 - Brody and Cassidy discover Chrissie's remnants 5:25 - Brody at the office 7:55 - Brody goes downtown 9:20 - Shark attacks 11:20 - The Town Meeting16:35 - Brody Hooper and Vaughn 22:40 - Brody Hooper and Quint 27:30- Brody and Ellen say goodbye 31:05

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Cinematography Lesson - Drive (2011) - The Quadrant System

Drive (2011) - The Quadrant System from Tony Zhou on Vimeo.


I love clips that break down shot sin film creatively.  Tony Zhou does a great job on Drive here with this clip... more about him below.

One of the many pleasures of Nicolas Winding Refn’s “Drive” (2011) is that the shots feel both tightly composed and weirdly unpredictable. Even though most of the images follow a simple quadrant system, Refn puts plenty of subtle touches within the frame. ~Tony Zhou

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Desire - “Under Your Spell"