First year film made in CalArts!

Additional animation: Alvise Zennaro and Simone Cirillo
Coloring: Lorenzo Cogno, Alex Avagimian, Chiara Labriola and Hanna Kim
Sound and Mix: Amos Cappuccio and Andrea Martignoni

Watch other films made by my awesome classmates: 2016 CalArts Character Animation Student Films

Pinky Toe


Overwhelmed by a "phantom itch" from his missing pinky toe, a man must come to terms with his situation or succumb completely to his obsession.

My second year film at CalArts!

I was lucky to have worked with some amazing talent to make this possible. Thank you so much to everyone involved.
Music Composed by Paul Michael Cardon
Narration by Nick D'Agostino
Sound Design by Paul Michael Cardon
Set Fabrication by Ming-Huei Huang
Props by Emily Martinez and Kesiah Manival
2D Coloring Help by Bryan Lee

Enjoy the show!

Hey Mari!

Animated Short - Hey Mari!

Lynda Fong's 4th year film at CalArts about anxiety and friendship! (⑅˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈ )
Music by William Gibbons (karaswalkhome.bandcamp.com)
Sound Mix by my wonderful friend Megan Ruiz G. (vimeo.com/user8713915)



EYRIE is a short film David Wolter made while studying Character Animation at CalArts. 
It recently won a 2012 Student Academy Award for animation.


So cute!

Dir. Nicole Mitchell / USA / 2007

A penguin and gorilla team up to lead the other animals in a comedic revolution against a zoo keeper who just wont leave them alone.


Ki Ku Town Films - Elizabeth Ito

I think Elizabeth Ito's stuff is awesome!~

Elizabeth Ito's senior year project at Cal Arts. An animated documentary about a family of monsters trying to lead a normal american life. The voices are really her family. This won the Producer's Choice Award in the first Nicktoons Film Festival, was nominated for a Student Academy Award in 2004, and has been in various festivals around the world.

Elizabeth Ito's Sophomore film at Cal Arts

Elizabeth Ito's junior year cal arts film. Mister Monster is born!

Lady and the Lamp

We found a video called Lady and the Lamp, an animated short film that Lasseter created while at CalArts in 1979, five years before the day when he left Disney for George Lucas' special effects computer group, the predecessor of Pixar. Looks like he has had lamp fetish for a long time...not just for Luxo.