Student Testimonials

stevenJohnsonSteven Johnson – Character Animator @ Framestore

“I had Angie as my instructor for iAnimate Workshop 5: Full Body Acting. She is hands down one of the best instructors I’ve had so far in my education in animation. She is so enthusiastic and passionate about the material, it is a pleasure watching her lectures. Her presentations are well organized, which makes it very easy to follow along and find exactly what you’re looking for if you decide to re-watch any of her lectures. A great thing about Angie is that she caters the lectures to the needs of the class and doesn’t mind revisiting a topic if need be.

Angie also gives really great, detailed critiques with draw-overs so you know exactly what you have to do in order to push your shots. She knows how to be encouraging while still managing to push and challenge you week in and week out.

Going into workshop 5, I was really struggling with my confidence as an animator and getting my body mechanics to a point where it didn’t distract from the acting. By the end of 14 weeks, she had helped me solidify a workflow that I continue to use and helped me break through any concerns I had with my body mechanics. I couldn’t recommend her more.”

Mar 23, 2015

artist56abad7e72c15Tiffanie Mang – Production Assistant @ Pysop Inc

Angie is hands down one of the best animation teachers at USC. She taught the class Intro to 3-D animation, which I was in. I personally struggle with Maya alot, let alone animation, but with her classes and weekly lessons on breakdown of movement for each part of the body, I not only learned a lot about Maya but refreshed so much on animation in general, that I felt like I improved a lot faster than usual. She is super enthusiastic all the time and makes each class as entertaining and fun as possible. She makes you want to work hard, gives honest, helpful critique, and pushes you to do your best work! Love her!

November 2, 2013, 

AntonyAnthony Kotowicz 3D Artist – Animator Fuel VFX

“I have been fortunate enough to have Angie for 2 workshops at iAnimate. Angie has experience most artists could only dream of making her an amazing teacher and I will never forget just how much I learned from her. Angie is knowledgeable and passionate about her craft and it shows through her lectures and by the patience and care she takes when critiquing her students work. Angie is highly personable while remaining ever-professional. She takes the time to get to know her students making the learning experience all the more personal – every lesson felt like one-on-one training. Angie is never judgmental and has the best sense of humor of any teacher, like, ever… One can tell Angie teaches because she actually enjoys it. She is an exceptional exception to the ‘rule’ that ‘those who can’t do, teach’ – Angie can do, does do AND still has time to teach. An amazing person. A great teacher. Simply, awesome!”

August 20, 2013

1cc084bMax Rubin – Motion Graphics Artist @ Socialtyze

“Angie is one of the best animation professors I’ve ever had, and she tries her hardest to teach students how to animate like professionals. She’s always willing to go out of her way to help a student who wants extra instruction or help on getting a certain shot right, and without Angie in my time at USC I don’t think I’d have half the animation skill I have now.

As well as being a great instructor, Angie also has tons of teaching materials, whether it’s reference for facial expressions and acting, or great and useful lectures on the more detail-oriented or lesser-understood aspects of animation, such as eye-direction, double-takes, and cinematic tension. Whenever I’m with her learning about animation, I’m always confident that I’m going to gain important lessons that I’ll utilize later in my own work.

Give this woman tenure, USC!”

July 8, 2013

225806aAshley Armstrong – Anmator @ Warner Brothers Animation

“Angie Jones was an excellent instructor for Introduction to 3D Animation at the University of Southern California. She encouraged students to explore the fundamentals of animation and to learn the history of hyper-real animation. Additionally, Angie pushed students further than they originally felt possible in one semester—students started with just bouncing balls and were animating lip sync in less than 16 weeks!

She was always prepared for class with lessons that expanded on the week before and would go through helpful demos which taught students not just the fundamentals of animation, but also how to use the software to best achieve the correct feeling of movement. She would then individually help each student with in-depth instruction, taking into account each student’s interest and level. Angie would effectively teach by editing movement and timing, and draw motion paths to show students exactly how to improve their animation, but then would push them to repeat the steps so they could achieve that same effect themselves.

Additionally, Angie gave students practical advice for demo reels, informative tips on how to contact employers and write cover letters, and where to go to further improve one’s skill and knowledge in art and animation. She is always extremely supportive of her student’s dreams and aspirations, and does her best to move them one step closer to achieving those goals.

July 4, 2013

horganBrian Horgan Independent Animation Professional

“I have taken 3 character animation workshops with Angie at iAnimate and have benefited enormously from her wisdom, skill and razor sharp eye. She is a patient, enthusiastic and encouraging teacher and my understanding of animation has grown exponentially while studying with her. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to grow as an animator.”

July 3, 2013

chrismccormickChris McCormick Fix Animator at Pixar Animation Studios

“I recently had the privilege of being Angie’s student in’s Facial Acting And Lip Sync class. I can say with certainty that I experienced my greatest ever degree of growth as an animator under her watchful and caring eyes – far surpassing my previous four years of undergraduate study. I cannot recommend her enough as an instructor, or as a personal mentor.”

August 14, 2011

emilyEmily Harrenstein Motion Graphics Designer & Animator

“It was an honor to be able to have Angie as a teacher at iAnimate. She helped me to grow as an animator more than I thought possible over the course of just a few months. She was always prepared for our lessons with planned out outlines of what she would cover. Angie would tailor her lectures around questions that her students asked as well as incorporating things that she thought was important for us to know. Angie’s critique sessions were very helpful and encouraging. She was not afraid to push us and teach us how our animations could be stronger. She was extremely encouraging towards us and would be ecstatic whenever our progress was successful. I would be lucky to have her again as a mentor in the future.”

October 16, 2011

jeremyJeremy Lambolez CG Animator / Previs Artist Digital Dimension

“Angie was my teacher at iAnimate, it was a real pleasure, she’s very passionate, and wants to share all here knowledge. She was always in a pleasant mood. She had a lot of visual material to explain some animation principles, and she knows how to help a student improve his skills. It will be a pleasure to have here again as an instructor.”

August 31, 2011

mikewoosangMike Woosang Kim Animator Gameloft

“I would like to recommend Angie. I learned so much from her. She is friendly, knowledgeable, and encouraged me to do my best work. Amazing mentor and passion. Not enough good words can be said.”

August 13, 2011

sebastienSebastien Dussault 3D Animator Ubisoft Quebec

“Entering iAnimate, I was expecting a lot from this workshop and Angie has managed to exceed those expectations. Her knowledge of animation and acting seems limitless and she manages to distil that information down to a point that it’s really easy to understand and incorporate in our own shots. Her enthusiasm, critical eye, and her entertaining lectures have really helped me grow as an animator.”

 August 12, 2011

richardRichard Willimot Independent Animation Professional

“I highly recommend Angie as an instructor. I found her to not only be very knowledgeable and organized but also very approachable. I believe she continually went above and beyond her duties in order to assure each student had their needs met. I would consider myself lucky to be able to study under her again.”

August 12, 2011

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